Male Cow Droppings

This might be considered as a rant. This might been seen as stupid. This might be perceived as laughable.

To me, It is none of the above.
On Saturday evening during a game I noticed plays between (unnamed) players which just didnt make sense at all. Massive raises called out of position and large C bets called straight to the river only for the Caller to fold to the Aggressors super tiny value bets on the river. Why call massive C bets and then give up on the river with pot odds greater than 20/25 to 1??? I thought to myself “Male Cow Droppings”

So basically this went on for a while and I had enough but stupidly, rather than just leaving the table I thought Id see if anyone would own up . So I typed something into the chat box.

Now , I have been muted a few times for messing or jeering other players , trying to have banter with the wrong people. My bad. Know your audience!!!

So knowing the dangers of bad language , I purposely typed my message (which did contain an F word and that other word we use for Poo) using stars to Censor My Own Words. So as not to offend anyone or worse, risk being muted again!!! My message was simple " What a bleeping load of bleep" “Bleeping Cheats” That’s what I typed . Censored and all. Not directed at any one player , did not directly accuse or offend anyone . That was my last intention . I just wanted it out there that I knew what was going on and now they could know that I knew, maybe they’d stop… Nope.
So I could have reported it , I didn’t , why bother? They’ll still cheat the next table. Anyway … Once again I have been muted . For two weeks, yep! Two Weeks!!! Lovely .

Im not here to beg for an appeal or some nonsense like that. I just want to say that I believe the site is good , the game is good . But the way this place is policed is plain stupid. Plain stupid.

I mean ( at risk of poking the bear ) there is a hypocrisy here , a LARGE one . I might regret this , on second thoughts I dont!!! LOL I have been muted on Replay Poker , but wait here I a typing away in the forum . Muted much??? Stay sweet Be SHADY :sunglasses:

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There’s way to type what you feel about other players’ style without being criticised or negative consequences that may eventuate. But, if I may share an opinion regarding say players that are chasers, pushers, bluffers or whatever styles, they make the game excitingly interesting because of the challenge they impose on the table. That’s poker as in life, we just got to deal with what is put up against us. And if we have the patience then we will see or take out those unpredictable and aggressive players ourselves. Good luck, be flexible and always forget not to have fun my friend. :slight_smile:

TOO BAD, I’M GOING TO LOOK INTO IT ANYWAY AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s always better to let us know about suspecting cheating – we have the data, the tools, and the people that can dive into the details. As an added bonus, if someone were doing something unkosher, it allows us to fix it – and we like fixing bugs. =)

It is worth pointing out, from the Community Playbook:

Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct is your general rule of thumb for how to behave in the community. Really if you use common sense and treat people with respect, you won’t have any issues. But just in case, we’ve put together this handy list for you:

The DOs:

Do have fun.
Do make friends.
Do be considerate.
Do treat others with respect.
Do be a good sport.
Do be the bigger person.
Do give praise and positive feedback to your fellow players.
The DON’Ts:

Don’t cheat. (<-- This one is important too, of course.)
Don’t swear.
Don’t be a jerk.
Don’t retaliate against anyone.
Don’t spam. Nobody likes spam.
Don’t criticize others for their style of play.
Don’t harass, threaten, insult, or bully other players.

Why would someone chase to the river, then fold to a small bet?

Sounds like they were chasing a straight or flush, or maybe even looking for an ace.

Not exactly great poker, but it is what it is.

How players treat each other is stupid,as a moderator and all the hard work i do for the site. I am offended by your statement VinnShady…

Yeah, moderation is a tough task, especially when you end up seeing the bad stuff all the time – since that’s when most people need a moderator.

We have some guidelines that help, but so much of the work comes down to making your best call with the information you have. Do you see someone cussing up a storm, even censored? That could be ruining the game for 8 other people that just dropped in to spend some time with friends. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get a consensus from the entire table and we haven’t been able to receive a faxed doctor’s note in YEARS, so you run into bum deals sometimes.

Dear Dog,

I’ve noted I offended you. That’s your prerogative.

VinnShady :sunglasses:

Sorry man I think you’re missin’ the point.

HULK, buddy that was very well said, bravo my friend.

Good answer .

HAHAHAHA your cool gatzby no sarcasm in that answer… I love that code of conduct !!

About the censoring your own messages part. Cursing is not the same thing as being insulting.
Cursing is insulting in itself to some people, but it’s mainly just a mean to express something, as any word.

ex: If I say “damn I’m a moron” I don’t think I’ll ruin the day of anybody at the table.
On the other hand if I say something like “Haha you play so bad it’s unbelievable, what an ATM.” Then I’m being really insulting without using a single curse word.

My point being censoring curse words from your message don’t change anything of how insulting is your message. It’s a nice touch to spare the children around but that’s about it.

Also shouting 2 general insults is not what I would call poker banter. Banter is supposed to be somehow creative.

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I did not claim that said statements were banter.

The banter I was referring to was in regards to previous encounters in previous games, not the game in question.

But thank you for reading my post properly.

My banter skills are solid …:kissing_heart:

SHADY :sunglasses:

Haha, yeah, if you’re shouting a constant stream of profanity, I don’t want to be at your table online or off. Most people want to have fun when they’re playing a game and someone with rampant anger issues just makes everyone uncomfortable – the drunken bull in the the china shop filled with newborns.

What gets me is, you’re basically just telling the rest of the table, “I am tilting and thus rational play is out the window. Please take all my chips.”

I don’t really understand the problem. If a player is “offended” by another player’s comments, all he has to do is hover over that player’s icon and hit the “mute” tab which, as far as I can tell, prevents that player’s offensive comments from coming up on the offended players chat box. I’ve done that on several occasions. And while I assume all the other players can still see the offensive comments, I can’t…problem solved. It’s really not all that complicated.


Why are you so offensive regarding bulls? I am upset


Sorry, sorry, angry drunken ogre.

I love me some moos.

this sounds like a lot of bull to me

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