Bad players

We should not get muted for asking a person to stop playing bingo or for calling them a donk when they come to a friendly game with friends and then every hand go all in before the flop and ruin our game. A person caught going all in before the flop every hand should be given a 15-minute time out, for starters etc.



So you can insult a player at a poker table but they aren’t allowed to use their chips to maximize their advantage over you. Me thinks poker is not for you.

Just mute them and make a note in the player’s Notes section, and don’t play them. There are too many “bad players” around, so it’s not worth the effort complaining about them because you’ll never get anywhere. Ignore, mute, and move onto a different table, that’s what I do.


Sad to say this but sometimes when i read all the silly complaints about poker…i feel like i am back in kindergarten LOL.
Some of you should just go play Old Maid or crazy eights (a game i love by the way) ;

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5 friends play on a table. A 6. player comes to table, plays all hands and go all in every preflop. 52o on hand and all in too. ?.
What can you do?
Give him a lesson, win from him and have fun.
Learn how to do this, how to play such players. You are 5, he is alone. No chance to win for him.
I like it to kick such players from table.

Don’t be bad to bad players, you need them to win.

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A big part of poker is having the skill to deal with players who play bingo, You have to outsmart them in this game of SKILL. NOT call them names. Every player has good days, bad days and who knows maybe they think this is the way they are supposed to play or maybe they are being a jerk. SO WHAT! Learn to play smarter. And stop with the name calling. Not cool.

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Play smarter not harder.

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Feelmysins, sounds like you a bingo player. You sound stupid with your response dude." Bingo players using their chips to maximize their advantages" I notice most ( all ) bingo players go broke on here eventually and they not playing poker dude.

No Jen, just leave the table we should do, better yet ban them for 2 hours as it is not poker but BINGO

Now you gone and upset me by calling me a bingo player. I think I’ll go cry in the corner. Or maybe not. Your opinion of me matters less than you are capable of comprehending.
Enjoy the game.

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Why not learn poker and enjoy the skill level, bingo every Thursday night at my church lol.

My opinion of a bad player is someone who takes forever to fold every hand, til they have a good hand …then they want to play accordingly and people that try to play 2 tables, and make the game slow. You can’t even play 1 table.

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Yummyum, yep, taking the whole clock on every card and not caring or thinking about others at the table is not nice at all and as bad as a bingo player.

It is in the very nature of no limit hold’em that you can risk all the chips in your stack at any point. If you don’t want to play this game then limit hold’em would be better for you.

As a multi-table tournament player my observation is that players who like to play for whole stacks sometimes accumulates a huge stack, but more often they get picked off by more canny players before they get to the final table.

For example, some players will bet their whole stack when they make top pair on the flop. The trouble with this tactic is that it works until it doesn’t work. On replay poker, if you shove on the flop with top pair, you will never get players with two pairs or trips to fold.

Similarly if you shove every hand pre flop, you will not get opponents with pocket pairs or AK to fold, and if you get, more than one caller, then the odds will always be strongly against you.

It is a bit like playing roulette. If you cover 35 out of the 37 or 38 numbers, you will probably make a series of small wins, but then you will have a huge loss when one of the numbers you are not covering snares the ball. Unfortunately the odds of the game are rigged so that the small wins never quite compensate for the big losses.

In an MTT you may sometimes see a situation on the final table where is it down to the last three players and one player has 75% of the chips. In this situation, where the blinds are massive, it maybe beneficial for the big stack to go all in on every hand, but even then victory is not guaranteed. If the two small stacks merge, then the second player has 25% of the chips and only needs to double up one time to have half the chips and a 50% chance of winning the tournament.

If you notice this, don’t complain just use it to your advantage!!

With online poker, I would call this a poker tell.

I wish players would read what the tounament is. I really enjoy playing the rebuy tournaments. I earned all the chips I have to rebuy with and if I want to go all in every hand during the rebuy time, I should not have to have people abusing my decision. It’s a blast chasing and lose or win, I enjoy it. And there are many tournaments (most) that are not rebuy that complainers can play.

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Oh this makes me NUTS yes. But I try to remember you NEVER know what is going on with people. I mean maybe they spilled their coffee or their dog got out who knows. But yeah when they are playing two games and it slows everything down GRRRRR

Don’t let some butthead say crap let that roll off your back YOU know it’s a rebuy game and the whole point of that is the thrill of going all in. I mean it does SAY REBUY LOL I hear you.

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no don’t complain, then they report you and you may get muted,

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