Flags & country names

I do not know all the flags shown by the players except some all known.
It were better to add the name of the country with the flag or only name of the country.

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If u hover ur cursor over the flag the country name will appear :slight_smile:


Sorry Peter Pan, there is no flag for “Never Never Land”, but as the goat said, you will see the country, if hover your cursor over the flag. good luck on the tables & have fun. :slightly_smiling_face:



i learn every day a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes! This suggestion was made a while ago! I’m not sure when it was changed?

I know a lot of flags and still confuse many too so the option to check is good. :slight_smile:

Its always fun to see how RP is Global and where from?

@RavenL Too bad! :cry: I would bet Goat would make his own flag! Would he be able to lock in a design tho? I guess he is pretty happy with his radioactive Goat soup pic?

At least we can select any pic we want tho!

Lol I did create my own Country for the Winter Games The Country of GOAT which has Dominated the World since invading it 4 years ago :slight_smile:

Winter Games GOAT Challenge - Poker Discussion - Replay Poker

He did! Here it is . Blindfolded as always because he’s humble :slightly_smiling_face:

I am thankful that I have learned a lot of flags belonging to countries I didn’t know earlier :slight_smile:

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