Flags or not

There is no value whatsoever in showing the flags of players in a game when the flag designation of of each player is hidden.
I am sure that it is within the power of “Replay” to show the country of each flag indicated at the table.

The Anhaga

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Once we finish our HTML 5 update, we can definitely re-evaluate what information we want to show at the tables. For now, clicking on the player’s name will open up their profile and show where the flag is from.

All those years playing “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” made me better at identifying flags on sight. :wink:


I usually have both the game lobby and the table windows open, you can see the country flag beside each players name in the lobby window.

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I don’t need the flag, I need the country!

You only need to click on the name of the player and go to the profile of the player. There you’ll see the flag and the name of the country.

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why should I chase down the profile?
The country should be directly available at the table!

sigh…what has become of the younger generation…soooo lazy lol

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You need to know that the nine to seventeen group of teens is well represented on this site.;

Well… as a retired teacher.
Former: gold miner, rock and roll singer, town mayor and CAR Russian interpreter.
Four languages and three degrees. Three published novels; over one hundred short stories and many poems…
I figured that you’re proobably smart enough to recognise most of the country flags.
However, this not being the case I’m sure that Replay will come up with a solution to suit. :wink:

My reply is of course very tongue in cheek :wink: :wink:


Thank you so much, Cabbie, for your incredibly profound observation. :slight_smile:

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excellent idea/comment.

i was going to start a new topic but my opinion is same as yours…was this revisited ?

it would be nice to see the flags by the name of players at tables


If you click on a player profile pic while at the table their flag will appear in the chat box. Hover over the flag and it will identify the country that goes with the flag.

I’m wondering how showing the flag or origins of country of a player at the table will improve the game of poker ?

Molly,i’d rather see their hole cards lol

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It may not improve the game of poker, but it will certainly improve community relations. if you speak other languages, as I do, you can make another player feel more at home by using their language for positive comment on their play. If you can’t speak the language a quick trip to an internet translator will allow you to say something encouraging.

That sounds good, use the translator :+1:t2:

For those who would like to give it a try I can reccommend DeepL translation site 1000 times better than google translate


i like the flags, i have a list of all the places in the world i have played in.
its like a game trying to figure out and remember what country it is from.
it gives me something to do while the game is loading,

Leave them showing. It is nice to know who you are playing against. I also always check rankings as well.