Displaying Players Online

As to the “Players Online” at the bottom of main lobby, I was thinking maybe an interesting way to show the list of players online would be to group them by their country flags. Have all the flags displayed on a screen, click on one and the list of players online from that country would show.

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Hi Janice. We have to remember that the players online are players that are logged in but not necessarily playing. For instance a lot of players stay logged in for ease of the process. I stay logged in for pms and not remembering passwords because there is no fingerprint or facial recognition log in so I don’t know how flags would help.

Good to see you post


I think any sort of improvement would be a good thing, as for me it takes way too long for the Online Players list to load up. It’s alphabetically arranged and it’s like looking at grains of sand on a beach, you don’t know where to look if you are looking randomly or for a specific username.

i find the list very user friendly.lets concentrate on no lags and a smooth running site


agree 100% with u on this:)

Hi Craig -
I get what you’re saying but I was referring to the idea as being INTERESTING, not about logistics.
I would love to see players representing their countries! The use of flags on Replay is an awesome aspect to the site. Thought they could be used in another form of presentation.


I like interesting :+1:t2:


If they are on your “friends” list you should already know their country

I appreciate your points of view, Colby. Thanks for your input!

True! Lag is a drag! :slight_smile: