Failure to show result of hand

Yes, I’ve seen it also multiple times in daily Freeroll and August Marathon tournaments.


Happened again today multiple times in August Marathon and Freeroll Omaha tournaments.

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I had one this week and I never even saw the river card which knocked me out, or saw my results banner, or the results of the hand in chat. That is really distressing when you were in the lead after the turn, I thought I got knocked out by a glitch. It does seem to be happening more often lately and its not always an all in it can be when the person is being moved to a new table too. Not the end of the world but it can be annoying.


Did you or someone else go all in?


I went all in that time

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Yep seems to be when someone goes all in, happened to me tonight in final table, I won the hand but sad, not seeing results, I didn’t have the chance to say great game to other player till he/she left


This should be a priority to replay to get fixed !!! and I know it is as @Chasetheriver mentioned. Have patience & faith everyone !!


That is when it happens Litenin, when ppl. go all in, i NEVER actually saw it happen unless we are all in.


On April Foolery we had now hands without showing a result too. All ins on PreFlop, Flop or Turn, and the next hand starts, without showdown and winner. And no pause and chance to use the free rebuy. I’m sure if the loser has 0 chips, it kicks him out of MTT, instead of giving him the chance to use his free rebuy. This is now very very bad. And this is not an April joke.


I saw it on this hand:

Hi Poki, :smiley:
Watching the replay of the hand you posted shows normal hand progression. That does not mean what you said did not happen it just cannot be seen in replay. The hand you posted shows the all in looser still had chips, but the following hand he lost all chips and the hand after that he had 3k chips so the rebuy did happen.

It is my belief that sometimes when playing, a small delay in the internet causes one player to momentarily loose connection to the table and while hand timers and other local (on your machine) things keep happening that you can see, the hand continues on the remote system but your page is not being continuously updated. Then suddenly the page reconnects and catches up all at once and so to you it looks like the hand jumped ahead without showing everything. I might be wrong but that is what I think is happening.

I do not know tf there is a way to fix it if that is what the problem is. Perhaps some kind of connection indicator updated every 1/10th of a second or so that clearly shows when it has not been updated from the server. Hope this helps…


The player had after losing 810 chips and the chance for rebuy.
The rule:

But he didn’t rebuy. For rebuy are 10 or 20 (?) sec. pause, but there was not 1/100 sec.
Client and Server sending ping pong messages for checking the connection, the heartbeat. Wikipedia knows this.
On another MTT before Christmas i had my playing table 2x open. On one was all ok, the other table was 3 hands (!!!) behind. On same computer. Sure no connection problem.

This hand was without showing a winner again:

I had to replay the hand to know why i won. And no problem to see there.

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I am out of ideas, just out of curiosity…

If the client sends ping pong message with no reply, how does the user know this?



If you’re referring to Lun8tic not Rebuying after losing this hand (1118045142), it’s probably because the individual didn’t make a Rebuy after losing. Refer to two hands later Lun8tic appears to have made a Rebuy and shows 3000 chips after losing all of their chips in this hand (1118045314). The sequence of Hands are as follows 1118045142, 118045314 and then 1118045620.

Hand #1118045314 · Replay Poker

Hand #1118045620 · Replay Poker

Hope this helps but I may be wrong.

The user can not see this ping pong.
For rebuy comes this message:


and this popup:


and nothing was to see on Lun8tics losing, only the next preflop.
But i had for making this screenshot 0 chips, and not 810.

A screenshot of no winner, all in again:

no Winner

One of my two (same) open tables was frozen too. I have it on video, lol:


The other (same) open table had no problems, and i played then there. On end came then all graphics and sounds on table 1 at one moment. A very bad shockeffect for my ears if i use earspeakers.
I know Replay works in moment on the tables. In 2 months comes table update. Maybe my posts helps.

I was now down at 175 chips on Foolroll, and the popup for rebuy came for me not. But Bonrat, he had 0 chips, got the chance to rebuy. There is something wrong too, the rules says this:

It was on this hand:

While a hand gets played is rebuy not allowed, only in the rebuy pause. On next hand i lost then all, and the rebuy popup came.
I think after lun8tic’s losing (without showing River and result of the hand) was no pause for rebuy because he had 810 chips, and not 0. And this is wrong.

I found this in the help section regarding rebuys:

When can you rebuy?

When you have the starting stack amount or less, you can rebuy. You can also rebuy when you get busted out. If you still have rebuys, you will have the option to rebuy (or double rebuy) back into the tournament.


How do you rebuy?

By manually clicking on the “ADD CHIPS” button at the top of the game table. This option is available when you reach a certain threshold of chips, which is identified in the tournament details.

I tried this “ADD CHIPS” button too, on folded hands and low chips < 1500, but on this window was then all grayed, or I got the message “you cannot rebuy while a hand gets played”. And on rebuy pause I can only rebuy if I have 0 chips. Replay did this job not very good, and I see many players have big problems on rebuy and they understand nothing.
For this promo it is now too late to make it better, and I’m sure next year starts the same problems on this promo again. I played this promo the last 2 years too.
What I asked me was because all in hands without river and no result of hand and make then a rebuy. But I saw there not enough for saying something. I saw only players had on such hands <1500 chips, but not 0, and there was no pause and no chance for making a rebuy.

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I haven’t played any rebuy tournaments lately so I tried one and the rebuy/addon function seemed to work for me… are u sure you were out of the hand when you tried to rebuy/addon? It was greyed out for me also until I folded and the hand was still being played.

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I looked last days to this problem again, and it was better and I had the chance to use rebuy on folded hands. But days ago I got the message “you can not rebuy while a hand gets played”. Not to understand. Can be someone worked on this problem, fixed it. Ok now, the promo ends today.

On one hand I had only the half result in chatbox, it posted only the winner of the side pot, and not the winner of the main pot. This can be important for team.


It was on this hand: