Failure to show result of hand

It has happened to me many times. The hand is over and yet the result is NOT displayed in chat.
Specifically, I recently lost a hand (and was eliminated from the tourney) and NO RESULT was displayed. At the turn, I had 2 pair, Aces over 6s and my opponent had a pair of 10s. The river was NOT a 10, yet I was eliminated. How???
On a side note, I have been moved from a table many times before I could see the result of the last hand. I get information about how others play (and make notes when possible) but I cannot gather information if I can’t see the result. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!


You do know you can replay hands right ? Replay Poker …

Just sayin

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Not while I’m in a tournament. Unless I simply want to sit out a hand or two.
Besides, the game is SUPPOSED to show the result of hands in the chat, RIGHT? That’s why I put this post in the “Feedback”.



When this happens again, Note the Previous hand number in the upper left of the next game and click on it. It will bring up that hand in a separate window. Sometimes, your next hand is in a new window and doesn’t show the Previous hand in that case you’ll need to use the Replay feature “View latest hands” in your Profile.

Or, try and write down your Current hand number then go to your Profile “View latest hand”, locate it and use the Prev button after the hand is played out.

I hope this helps.


So the game is over now so do you nave your question answered ? Sometimes the hand doesn’t get posted and it’s not a really big deal. By the time you posted here until now it’s available.

It does happen unfortunately, the hand reaches the Showdown stage and it’s like there is a momentary freeze, then all of a sudden the next hand gets dealt and absolutely nothing is shown about the previous hand in the Chat box. Like it never happened. I’ve seen it quite a few times myself, it’s definitely some sort of glitch.


It happens, no big deal, it doesn’t impact the game .

Well it’s not great because it happens so fast and unexpected that nobody knows who won apart from the person who won it as their stack increases. So it’s far from ideal.


maybe not a big deal but very irratating to a lot of players (me included)


Things could be worse like no chat box at all.

But we know that won’t ever happen…

Never say never, knowing ReplayPoker.


So “Craig_Anthony” what I’m understanding from your comments (see below) is that I should just accept the fact that things are not working the way they should and that I am being unreasonable for expecting that they should work properly. Is that what you are saying?

(“Things could be worse”; “no big deal”; “it doesn’t impact the game”)


Exactly. If it’s a really, really big problem for you then you should send your concerns to

Have an outstanding poker game or 100

Same here, I’ve seen it happen many times, it’s annoying, but it’s free poker so I shrug it off.
New one lately is my chat quits working.
What brings it back is I close the table then return right away and it’s back to working. This is in tournaments where I usually play.


Yesterday actually in a Freeroll multi-table tournament, it happened twice, both times when two players went all-in, after the river they both disappeared (presume winner moved to another table and loser obviously left the tournament) but nothing about the hand results in chat, like it never happened. It’s quite irritating really because it happened too fast to get a read on what the outcome was.


Did anyone bother contacting support so other players don’t suffer as some of you do ?

I haven’t because what am I supposed to do? There is absolutely no time to record it when it happens because it’s too unpredictable. After the tournament end I would have to somehow go through each hand played to guess which one the glitch occurred at. I’m afraid it’s not quite that simple.


Yes it is. Send the tournament number into support. They will take it from there.


See my post #4 above. If this occurs frequently for you, I used to keep my “View latest hands” in my Profile page open in a separate window for a quick referral. Btw, the Replay algorithm has always been correct.


You repeated your answer several times- we get it you don’t think it’s important others do- so maybe stop responding because you just come off as arrogant and rude