Glitch report - invisible cards during hand re-play

For some reason today, some hands I’ve re-played have been glitching, such that the cards are not displayed on the board. I tested it on multiple computers, and my mobile browser, and it’s happening on all of them, so I’m pretty sure it’s not me.

An example hand can be found here Hand #764837098 · Replay Poker but I can’t be sure that this glitch will affect everyone, although I’m pretty sure it will. So in case it does replay normally for some viewers, I captured video of the hand as it looks on my computer during replay. When the hand was live everything looked normal.

The Replayer is not showing the community cards.

Yes. But it is also not showing the hole cards (until we flip up on the flop after going all-in). At least on my computer.

Yes, you are correct – all cards are invisible. I need to get my 3-D glasses.

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It’s true. No cards.

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I won with 5 aces! Just can’t see me or my cards. :laughing:

yep also saw that :slight_smile:

Replays are now working correctly.

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Thanks for the report, everyone! Apparently our bug fix didn’t just remove the erroneous extra card, but the cards in replays, too. :upside_down_face: We rolled that back and are working on a resolution now.


Nooòoo please don’t change it. There are so many of the hands I play that nobody needs to see :laughing::laughing:


Kinda reminded me of playing a game that I called Indian poker.