New hand being dealt before current hand finishes properly

This happened to me 3 times today. 2 or more players will go all in on a hand, and the hand will end without going through to the river and proclaiming a winner. Twice I lost the hand I suppose and then once I won. I came to this conclusion cause the one time I won I had won the chips that were bet, but when I lost, I was left scratching my head wondering what happened cause I was no longer in the game. The hand will go through the flop and maybe the river and then the game starts to deal a fresh hand without proclaiming who won the hand. You can even go back and read the recap in the chat box and it doesn’t proclaim a winner. It may be worth noting that all instances were in tournaments.


It has happened to me too,many times and is very annoying

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Sound like you have too many windows open at the same time. Just keep the table window open

Yes, there has been another thread about this recently, it’s an ongoing issue, it’s some sort of glitch with Replay, absolutely nothing to do with having too many windows open or anything like that.

I haven’t experienced that in years. Sounds glitchy. No problems for me anymore. Looks like all is well. Just in time for tournament tonight.

It does happen, especially after someone goes all-in and they get called.