Ejected from Ring tables

I seem to play more ring games these days , and have ran across a problem I’m suggesting needs to be fix’d. Unlike a Sng or a MTT, when playing rings I get ejected from ring tables for reasons that shouldn’t trigger being kick’d off a table.

Currently if you click “away” while on a ring table, the system gives you, I think 4-5 minutes, before ejecting you from table. It might be as much as 10 minutes (if no waiters) before removing a player. So lets start there…

It doesn’t matter what reason on God’s green earth why a player goes grey, they deserve that same 5-10 minutes to get back to the table… but currently the only way you get time, is by manually clicking “away” first.

The following are reasons I have been ejected for…
My browser froze/crashed and I need to re-open things.
Accidentally my hand touched screen, and browser closed.
I loose wifi con briefly and wait to reconnect.
Power spike, and computer has to reboot, then reopen browser.
… … … +others reasons … … …

ALL other poker sites treat any connection loss the same, they list you as away, you get time to return or be removed from table. Replay Poker, only allows time if you manually click’d “away” , not any of these other reasons.
Another reason this is so detrimental is “buyin”. If a player is below the min buyin for a table, and are ejected for 1 of these reasons…THEY CANNOT RETURN, cause they would need to have and recommit the min buyin, sometimes players are playing with whole bankroll, so that would be impossible.

No matter what reason a player miss’s a hand and is turn’d grey, they DESERVE that 5-10 minutes as any other player gets, who manually goes grey, say for a potty break. This directly, to this player, goes to the basic functionality of the site. When in a SnG/MTT this won’t occur onless you’re blinded out, so emergencies can get dealt with for those players… Why should Ring players suffer ???

One a person goes grey, for whatever reason and however it happens, the clock starts. After X number of minutes they should be removed… Not like currently, when I’ve been removed in less that 20 seconds. We all see the “player has disconnected, giving them 10 seconds to return” message… Thats only to stay in hand, not on table.

Its a reason many players , including me, have or will be skidish about playing rings. Noone wants to sit with lets say ohhhh… 500k, then gets ejected with 300k left, and cannot return with that 300k cause its less than the buyin, or lose thier seat because of something… usually outta thier control.

Since there are anti-rat-holeing practices that force a player to return with more than say the buyin, why can’t players also return within same time period with what they had in a case like this??

Players are “in effect” kinda removed even when rebuying. Unless a player uses auto-rebuy, then they are treated as if they were sitting down fresh, they are forced to repost to the table… when they shouldnt have to. Just like ANY MTT that has rebuys, when on a ring table… if a player busts, play shud stop to give them the same 20 seconds MTT players get to rebuy before play continues.

So please, staff, take a sec to ponder this post. I bet many players have had this same frustration. Whether or not done manually by players, or done by the system, all ring players deserve @least that 5 minutes to return… Without rebuying, or reseating.


If you can’t sit at a table because the min buyin is > your bankroll, I think the site’s doing you a favor.


I know are situation where a player have to leave the table, but if you feel that leave will take more than the aloted time, log out of the game. that way you will be deamed more professional and not careless. The players will appreciate that.

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That’s not true. I always get the same amount of time, whether I click “away” myself or whether I’m timed out for any reason.

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You may feel this way, but then it’s not really your decision is it. Cheers

This is not what the post is addressing. Cheers

You may be running above expectation here then. Nothing beats running hot at the poker tables and this happens in many different ways. Some ways people don’t even realize so wouldn’t pay attention to. For example, I am an aggressive player and I am not running well a lot in the way of making hands myself but run very well in the way that I’m not running bluffs into the tops of my opponents ranges. That is a good thing because I need them folds. Cheers :slight_smile:

I’m with @Sassy_Sarah, these things should be easy to fix. I especially hate that if I miss a hand I have to post a big blind to come back in even though I did NOT miss my big blind in the first place. On that note, if I pay the big blind and then miss my small blind when I come back in I should only be paying a small blind.

That being said, I think the staff at Replay does a fantastic job running this site and while we all want the best experience we can get we should keep in mind that they run a free site so resources are probably limited. :sunglasses: Cheers all!


I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing here. I was talking about the amount of time the site gives you when you click away (or in ring games, sit out the next hand) vs the time you get when you are disconnected, before you are booted out of the table.

I am saying it’s the same amount of time either way. Sassy is saying:

My correction was: I always get the same amount of time whether I click away myself or whether I get disconnected for any reason. That’s all :slight_smile:

We’re on the same page as far as what you were saying, I am saying maybe you’re running good when it comes this because I have experienced what @Sassy_Sarah is talking about in the OP. I’ve been disconnected and came back within a minute and someone else is in my seat and I’ve had to find another table or join the wait list as the table was full. It’s happened to me on multiple occasions. No worries though. Players tilt me, not @ReplayPoker, or @MrReplay

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Nor would it seem to be the gambler with the bankroll management problem’s decision, either. House rules. If you don’t have enough to buy in, you don’t have enough to buy in.

Whatever pugs. OP is concerning being removed from a table after you’ve already met the minimum buy in requirements. But you do you man.


They had the buy-in, they got bounced, they don’t have it anymore, seems reasonable that they therefore can’t get back on the table. Rules are rules. Maybe they shouldn’t get bounced so readily, that’s really what they’re saying.

But the justification, that someone might no longer be able to buy back in to their seat, is a bad one. They can’t make them now; they can’t get in. Simple. They ought to be playing a table they can afford. I get it, they’re not real chips, there’s no consequence, they’re adults and can decide for themselves. Well, if they’re such adults then they shouldn’t have any reason to cry, because they can handle it, I guess.

What would be a good argument not to bounce them from the table? That the timeout is too brief, players should have more time to go between Away and Ejected. That’s the only thing that matters, that they shouldn’t have been ejected in the first place, not that they can’t buy back in when they leave.

I was only referring to things beyond ur control, or accidents that shouldn’t get you bounced from the table… including but not ltd to…

Power failure/spike in house .puter/conn must reboot… @ times 90-120 seconds.
Accidentally closing the wrong tab in your Browser… 10-20 seconds.
Wrist swipes wrong on tablet, Browser closed… 7-15 seconds.
Browser crashes outta the blue… 10-45 seconds.

I don’t need to list them all, Puggy… What I’m simply saying is the following…
If a player clicks away, with ppl on waiting list, and gets X amt of time before they get ejected… So too should anyone that lost the table , for whatever reason , and has to get back to having that table open and live again, get the same X amt of time.

From what I can tell is, only the person who clicked away is safe. if your Browser crashes for any reason… you’re SOL. Thats pretty mess’d up…
and Puggy, I put this in the same catagory of… if you are ‘away’ , you are ‘pre-folded’ from the hand before action starts. You shouldn’t be actually folded untill its your turn… whether or not you’re here or away…

Both are Replayisms… and I wasn’t trying to make a federal case outta it, doesn’t mean other ppl have same woes…

(( ohh and since you mentioned buyins… even if I have 50 mill , if I buyin for 2m and I get bumped @ 1m , I shouldn’t have to spend an xtra mill, just to get back… I want my same seat and my same stack… It just sux worse if you only have 2.5m and that happens…lololol… hahahaha ))


I agree with you, a brief “away” shouldn’t cause you to be unseated. Less than a minute, it’s completely unreasonable. I don’t know what would cause that, but it shouldn’t happen. If you’re gone for several minutes, then eventually I think it’s fair that you be removed from the table.

I’ve been at tables (in MTT and SNG, not RG) where a player would spend a considerable amount of hands not just folding, but actually “Away”, and it distorts the dynamics of the table. The player to the right of the absentee player is at an advantage to get a free BB and SB out of the away player whenever the away player is in the blind seat. I’ve also seen players try to take advantage of this by shoving whenever the absent player is in the BB, from early position, just to steal that undefended blind. When the STB ratio is low, this can really give the greedy player an unfair advantage at the table. It’s particularly bad when more than one player is absent for long stretches. And of course in a SNG or MTT, those players aren’t removed from the table after being away for a long time (they just lose the ability to win tournament points if they fail to be seated for 50% of the hands dealt while they’re at the table.)

So I think something should be done about this. I don’t think it’s right to remove a player so quickly, but after several minutes yes (how many, I’m not quite sure, but even 5 minutes can be a pretty long time.)

That’s the thing. It’s NEVER less than a minute. You always have enough time to come back from whatever misfortune happens to you. If you take too long, whether you have clicked away yourself or whether you got disconnected for any reason, you are simply booted. It’s normal. It’s respectful to other players who might want your seat. And I can’t stress enough that it’s never 20 seconds, and never less than a minute. You have enough time to come back. Plus, let’s not forget that it’s a ring game, so if you lose your seat, you can always come back and sit again or go to another table with the same stakes.

Also, unlike MTTs and SnGs, when you’re away in a ring game, you sit out. You’re not dealt any cards and you don’t lose any blinds. And when you come back, you are given 2 options: Pay the blinds or Wait. So either way you have the advantage of not losing anything.

And about losing your connection when you have a stack lower than the buy-in amount and you’re “ejected”, that’s a risk you should be willing to take when you’re playing with your whole bankroll. Normally you should be playing stakes you can afford. If you decide to put all your chips on the line, and you have the rare misfortune of getting booted with a small stack, it shouldn’t hurt to come back online and look for a table you can afford with whatever chips you have left. No biggie. Just like rebuy MTTs, if you can’t afford the rebuys, at some point you are booted out. Just play what you can afford or don’t nag when you lose it all.

Finally, regarding the time you need to rebuy into a ring game when you chips fall to 0, and the hand you need to wait to get back in the game, Replay gives you 2 amazing options: you can choose to auto top-up when your chips fall to 0, or even to auto top-up when they fall under the buy-in amount. If you choose these options, you’re safe from the waiting time. I think it’s great that we have these choices. They give us more control. We can also manually add chips if we feel that we are running low.

All the options are there, the waiting time is fair, to us and other players, it’s never less than a minute, and we should always play what we can afford. That’s my personal opinion.

@Maya ,
Dayman and I… talk about apples , you talk about bananas… you are not commenting on what Im talking about, all you are doing is disagree’n and confusing the thread. If this has never happened to you, feel lucky… As for me, Dayman, and others its a real thing.

And Maya, Just cause I want to think about whether to rebuy or not , just like a MTT… I should get 20 seconds… “auto anything” shouldnt be the only choice.

Can staff please comment on this thread, so we can move on ?
I’m sick of watching grey ppl on ring tables sit there for more than 5 minutes… with ppl on waiting list… Yet if my browser crashes, usually thats an insta-boot if Im on a ring table… no other poker site I’ve ever played on, allowed that… Yes Maya its a real thing, it happens.

Is it too much to ask so I understand something???


You know I really just don’t understand any of your argument here. You’re talking about things that weren’t even said…

We’re talking about a specific occurrence where a player has legitimately bought into a game and been removed with chips still play through no fault of their own. This pugs, should NOT require them to buy in at all, their seat should be held for a reasonable amount of time where they can the opportunity to sit back down with the chips they already have at the table. Now I’m done. It feels like your arguing for arguments sake. Really.


My last comment in this thread is to give this comment by @Sassy_Sarah an A+. Cheers everyone. @puggywug, I’ll see ya bud, just not here :slight_smile:

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Typical. If I am disagreeing with you, it doesn’t mean that I’m talking about something different. I know exactly what you’re talking about. And if you are talking about apples, I am talking about the same apples, I just don’t agree with you. If Dayman agrees and I don’t, we’re all still talking about the same thing Sassy. Nobody is confusing this thread.

Luck has nothing to do with it. We’re all playing on the same site here, and the same rules apply to all of us. If you have been “ejected” from ring games in less than 20 seconds because of a disconnection like all the “apples” you mentioned:

Then you’re the unlucky one. I’ve never been nor have I seen anyone else being “ejected” in less than 20 seconds from any ring table for any of these reasons. If you and Dayman have, then report it to support instead of making it look like a problem on the forums.

That’s your opinion. I respect it. But I don’t agree with it at all. And even if Dayman does, it doesn’t mean that everyone else does either. I am happy with the options available. At least I have the choice to either auto top up or leave when I lose my chips. You don’t like it. You want 20 seconds. You don’t feel like checking a box to auto top up is an effort you should be making. That’s your choice. Dayman agrees. Good for you both. Don’t attack people who don’t agree with you.

You know very well that you can contact staff directly by emailing support if you are so eager on getting their comment to “move on”. When you start a public thread on public forums, don’t get annoyed when other people give their opinion. You of all people know that very well. Apples, oranges, bananas, Daymen, Nightmen, Puggy, Maya, it doesn’t really matter does it?

When it happens to me, I will join the club no worries. But if I say that it’s not what happens to me when my browser crashes, and that I do get plenty of time to get back in the game, then it’s also a real thing. It happens.

And I would like to give yours an F- :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But I’m glad you liked it :wink:

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It happened again tonight… didn’t even wait while I opened my browser again.
Then I got back to the table, only to watch it boot me @ end of the hand…

@Maya are you just trolling Me (us) ???
If so, please stop… if not, get off my back please.

You don’t agree, and you Attacked me … ( no comment necessary )

Sarah, it would be helpful if you would take a screen shot when you have this problem and report it to Support, and also the hand number. The staff can only comment if they have these details and Support if the place to have your problem addressed.

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