Ejected from Ring tables

@Sassy_Sarah I don’t troll. I don’t troll you. I don’t troll anyone. You’re just being offensive now and I don’t appreciate that at all. When someone gives an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours, at least have some respect for them and their different opinion. Don’t call them trolls. Not nice.

And don’t reply to me then ask me to get off your back. If you don’t want to have a conversation, don’t reply to my post, and I will stop replying to yours. Very simple. You can’t keep replying and expect me to say nothing back. In other terms, you get off my back first :wink:

Good luck with your unique problems. I hope you get your 20 seconds and you calm down after all these disconnections and ejections from ring tables that you can easily buy back into. Best of luck!

I gave this post a like, but only for the part at the end where I was given an F-. The rest was wtml;dr obv. :slight_smile:

Now I’m really done.

EDIT: just want to add this conversation got way too serious for me, I like to keep it chill.

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Well 3 times in less than 20 minutes… all 3 times, my wifi flaked out… I got back to table before hand ended, as I watch it eject me from table…

I lose my seat and have to spend more chips just to get back on the table…
If the ratholers have to bring back all they had within what a 2 hour window, why can’t there be some relief if your ejected… say a 10 min window to return or get on wait list… with the chips you had …

Staff : I’m on mobile, and wifi … this shud be on your radar for any HTML5 issues as u build that, but its hell right now since tonight all 3 times were a simple loss of conn due to wifi, to tablet.

@Sassy_Sarah I do agree that this is an issue and you should be able to come back on the table with the stack you had within an amount of time. It is a minor think though on a site that’s being provided essentially free to those who want it. If you’re using proper bank roll management that is.

@Sassy_Sarah I totally agree with you. Yes, other sites do allow you to keep your seat in a certain amount of time, and come back with what you had previously in that same seat. I don’t think this is a unique problem as this also happens to me and more than once.
My flash crashed (not wifi d/c)(multiple times, and many results are the same), I push f5 to reload the window (keeping my browser open), and come back to the table/game. Usually, this takes less than 8 secs. I sometimes come back to my name, still in yellow, and I am booted from my seat when the next hand stars. Or, I come back to an empty/filled by another person seat where I previously was. There should be absolutely no reason for me to lose my seat in that short amount of time.

I think there are other issues/rules involved (other than time) on why Replay considers to vacate your seat.

@Maya I am not sure if you have experienced your browser/flash crash while playing on Replay, but as I mentioned above it has happened to me on multiple occasions. I’m not sure if you understood correctly on what Sassy_Sarah’s situation was, but I know that you are correct on your point of being timed out and clicking away gives you time to start playing again. Sassy_Sarah’s point is about being disconnected from the game and not being able to get back in the game at the point where previously was. Your point doesn’t involve being disconnected, only stop playing while still retaining connection to the game (browser/flash connection). Also, I don’t think that you can seen why or how anyone gets ejected from a table.

@dayman I also think this is an issue like you. ReplayPoker is well put together. It does not seem like a minor thing when you come back, in a relative short period of time, and have to requeue at a table when there’s a waiting list (especially when there’s no other tables w/ players available; as I play Omaha H/L).
I do hope also that this could be resolve while being fair to other players. It should in my case as I defintely return in a very short amount of time. Replay’s software programmers will have to get busy again to address this issue.


No dear, I was also talking about disconnections and about the same situations. Do report these issues to support, as they only seem to be happening to few of you.

I just had this happen to me in the last couple of days. I was in a game, came in for 6M, busted in a hand to zero. I do not have auto top up selected. So after I bust the next hand auto deals and during that hand I hit the button to add chips and type in 6M, at the end of the hand instead of topping up to 6M I am removed and another player takes my seat from the waiting list. It should not happen this way. But whatever.

@dayman you’re absolutely right. It should not happen this way.

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Since it seems staff doesn’t read the forums, maybe one of the moderators could ask one of them to respond.

It seems to me the issue could be resolved a lot easier/quicker if it was just reported directly to staff as Grapevine suggested :wink:

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I don’t agree. At least 3 people have said it was happening to them, so it’s obviously happening to more than that. How is it easier for support to deal with multiple reports one at a time than to answer it here, once, and be done with it?

But that’s not really the point, as far as I’m concerned. If customers are requesting an answer from someone, how can anyone justify ignoring them?

The best thing to do is have support answer here, where everyone can see, so we all at least know that they care and are doing something about it. Silence helps nobody.

Hey all, this has been escalated for review. When you experience this happening, could you please save the hand number and either post it here or submit it to support@replaypoker.com? Some examples will help us pinpoint what’s going on. Thanks!


Hmm, I stand corrected :wink:

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I went back through my bank transactions and found this hand. I made a straight on the river and called an all in losing to a full house. I turned grey which does not show on the replay of this hand (hand number 515414319). We see the pot ship to stettienne and replay is over.


When at the end of the replay you can hit the button for next hand and the next hand at that table replays. When you do that you will see that where my seat was Brooklyn269 is initially greyed out with 0 chips after a couple of seconds Brooklyn disappears and comes right back as the player in that seat with 4M chips in play. You can see this here on (hand number 515414701).


Cheers @fizzymint, thanks for looking into this. It’s not a huge deal but it is kind of poopy. This actually happens in other ways as well but I don’t have any examples right now. I’ve experienced this maybe 5-10 percent of the time when I go to the felt on a ring game table. I do try to avoid this, but eh it happens.

Also I said wtf in the chat, that stands for Winter Texans Festival, just so you know. :wink:

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I do and I’ll list as many as possible…
Computer crashes… takes time to reboot computer/browser/table
Browser freezes/crashes… night need to force close browser 1st, thenn reopen.
Wifi unstable … gotta just wait tilll it clears, then reconnect…
Accidental rightclick while using tablet causing table window to close.
I know I’m missing 1-2 more I just cant think of.

( I’m not talking about when a person has to rebuy, which will look simmilar )

Thanks for the hand number! I’m putting this in a trouble ticket for our tech team. I’m going to include you on that ticket in case they have some follow up questions so I don’t have to act as a middle man, but I’ll be sure to communicate anything at large if they have some relevant details to share.

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I’ve been getting timed-out (on different tables) today on ring tables when I try to pre-flop raise.

Not sure if this is the right place to mention it but I wanted to say something before logging off for a few days as that’s exponentially more frustrating than a bad beat.

Hand # 522464360
Lost wifi after hand started but got back before hand ended.
It ejected me @ the end of hand. To reseat it would cost me another 320k ish and pay the BB again… I would much rather just spend 1/2 hour getting this to happen in as many ways as possible to help faster… and having someone from staff monitor the table/hand.

Our tech team was just able to take a look at dayman’s hand. I’m going to relay a bit about what they had to say –

They haven’t been able to reproduce the error. When you bust out of a ring game, you’re given ten seconds to choose rebuy or you get removed from the table.

In this case, they’re not completely clear on what happened, though they believe it’s likely that the rebuy options were down, but the connection briefly dropped so dayman got kicked and Brooklyn269 took the seat.

If this happens again, please contact us at support@replaypoker.com with a hand number so that we can send it directly to our tech team. I’ll be sending over the latest hand that Sassy_Sarah just posted. However, we are soon replacing our poker server and any issues of this nature should be resolved once that happens.

I am going to close this thread, but I will update if I hear anything definitive from the tech team. Again, please contact us at support@replaypoker.com for any needed technical assistance, as we’re able to escalate things to our devs easily that way, and they may have questions to ask you directly. Thanks!