Done tryin

soooooooooooooo sick of your site im finding another 1 nuthin but problems sits me out times me out u say ur fixin it b assured but so far every evening same thing i have had my pc upgraded still no effect so its not me its ur site so dont know what else 2 do but find another site

Hi jeffreydad

A week ago i played the same SnG as you, there you lost your connection. It had nothing to do with not loading of the table or with table switching. Probable your connection with the site is the problem. Not sure what it can be. You play wireless? You have the problem with a fixed cable also?

Time ago we got this tip from a player.

disconnecting cures you can do yourself

for people out there having problem’s with disconnecting,hear this, check your phone for mega hertz,Hrz( ghz?) must be 5.0. every time phone rang i was disconnected. i have wi-fi, phone was 2.4. too weak. thank you cable guy!

Jeffreys Dad it’s sorta like beating a dead horse. Same thing happens to me I can play during the day just fine no problems. The evening comes all the same problems same answer . I just gave up playing in the evening and quit turning it in . I’m not on wi fi i;m on fixed cable.

I hate to say it but if it’s causing you grief, I suggest taking a short break and coming back to us in a couple of weeks. We’re dealing with a few high priority issues right now, give we’re a relatively small team right now (4 developers). The first major issue is the slowdown between hands on larger tournaments, anyone who’s played in a big tourney will know what I’m talking about. We prioritized this bug as it seemed to affect the most players. So this week we’re hoping to release a fix for this, bringing the average delay between hands down to about 5 seconds from 15 seconds, and the absolute max from 35 to about 15 secs (basically shortening the wait time by two thirds. Next week, we’ll focus on fixing the dropped connections on rebalancing. Our goal is to finish the year with a much more stable and faster site than today. Hang in there, good times ahead.