New servers? Ummmm

Playing American Special today. Starting at about 10:20 ET, it kept disconnecting me and the entire table, over and over.

If you recently migrated to “better” servers, you should ask for a refund.

This has been going on now and then for the last few days, but really hit home late in the tourney mentioned above.

And no, I don’t want a simple refund. We were down to 17, you should use ICM to divide the prize pool AND give up our tournament points.

that is happening to me now in a sit and go … the whole table having problems. Table # 2114644… I want my 10k back and don’t want this to count as one of my games on the LeaderBoard.

Concur with all the above. I was in the 10PM freeroll. It was HORRID! Somehow, I survived to finish 3rd, but this was a trulu awful tournament experience. We must’ve disconnected at least 100 times during the play. It got better during the final 20 minutes or so. I know from my chip count going both up and down that I won at least one hand and lost two others while disconnected. If it had been just me, or just a few players, I’d think it was on my end. It was EVERYBODY, all at the same time. Even the chat–when it took at all–was lagging by about 5 - 6 seconds, and didn’t show in my typing box at all. Also, the timer in the upper left of the screen smetimes jumped ahead or back by about 5 or 6 seconds. Please locate and FIX the problem, whatever it might be. Ron (Alan25main)

Sorry for the trouble last night! We did end up having some server issues for a few hours last night, so we’ll be refunding chips and removing affected tournaments from the leaderboards so there aren’t any ill effects on positioning for the month.

I was just a little frustrated and lashed out. Sorry.

i used to have a lot of auto-folds when acting 1st. calls I’d make didn’t get called etc… until I started only having the gm I’m in & the lobby for that gm. up & running. or in other words, once I’m done w/ the main site , I close it. problems solved, for me anyways. hope this helps. !!! johnny

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“broken” makes a good point above… when I’m done with the main site, I close it too. No more problems. At first thought it was my old computer, but it/we play with no hitches now. Lucky

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I also close the main lobby if having problems. Works for me.

It seems that when i see a BROADCAST then things really slow down.
You figured out how to disable/enable chat…why not the BROADCAST be disable able?

last week I went to a virus and a website broke out…timing out…autofolding…lagging…sorry for the whining…love jesse

THEY (!) are really very good about any faults and errors made due to computerised ■■■■-ups (if you’ll pardon the expression). For this very reason I’d forgive much, unless it was in a hugely expensive game and genuinely not my fault… Always worth a moan though - if you don’t moan, then you certainly won’t get satisfaction or anything else. Keep it up RP ; thankyou for your understanding.

That word was “CCOOCCKK” by the way. 1st Amendment ! XD