BAD connection in tour

i am complaing, bc i was in a tour, and some1 couldnt connect, and at the last sec they came back and managed to place while i got 4th. the tour was a royal 1200, that started at 11pm central time. i should get the 3rd place winnings and the person who was late should not get prize bc he/she came VERY late. i understand that some people cant get connected right away, but the manage to get in b4 the final table, if not final 4 for sure. thank you

Well at the moment there’s no rule to say you can’t join very late. There is however a separate topic about this on these support forums that discusses putting in a time limit to no-showing on a tournament which would have removed them from play. I do think however if they really couldn’t connect then it’s not their fault either, and we need to investigate why they couldn’t connect. Was it just their connection, or something else. Can you find who this player was and let us know to look into further.

i just lost 2000 chips and 1200 chips because i could not get on the table at the royal tournements an idea for us with this problem, we are not out to rob chips, I truly can only get as far as connecting please wait any ideas on how to fix this but think about this leaving the unregister on the board so if u can not connect and u watch ur chips go down the drain we can cancel and give the real winners there chips,

you cost me 2000 chips

Hello again my name is John Bourgois and i cannot seem to load into my site anymore.To top that off i can t even find out where the so called paynearme cards or any of the other ones are listed .I don’t know whats going on but this site is no longer the same site i started using a year and a half ago.I’ve bought about 12 to 14 paynear me cards starting off with the 100.00 ones and then the last two i payed 200.00 for the 4 million chips and now i cant get online nor can i get any help from mr gould or mr moses.I’ve invested almost 1500.00 in this site not too mention the money i wasted on my cell phone calling from every 7-11 in town at 10 cents a ninute.If noone can seem to help me out i would like my money reimbursed and i will never contact anyone from this site nor will i ever sign in again.If you look at your main page i’m not the only one who has a problem logging into your site and i’m wondering what ure gonna do to make this right for me and everyonelse who can’t sign in.I’VE CALLED AND CALLED AND HAVE GOTTEN NO SATISFACTION.Being that i spent soi much money and time on your site i should be considered a perferred customer and not treated like i am now.My name is john bourgois and my number is 586 718-2278 i’d appreciate a call back as soon as possable so i can put this matter behind me once in for all.Thanks for your time.10-24-2012.To mr gould or mr moses.Please contact me asap

I have had this problem. 2000 chips tournament and unable to connect. 78% connect then nothing. Hit reset and got 94% loaded then it sat there, reset again,

finally reached table and got table closed. Reset again, got to table but had no chips left. Not the first time even. After that I called my service provider, Windstream, they told me there was nothing wrong at their end. In fact my wife was on her lapt.watching Netflix with no download problem.

Watch movies streamed, thets eat up lots of bandwidth. Especially when flash based like Netflix.

This is may your problem was.

Please update your Adobe flash player, thets may help. Higher bandwidth and/or better modem helps. Wired net from your modem significantly helps vs wifi .

I hope this help. For solution in the future, RP change “soon” to html5 instead flash based play.

GIPPIE, yeah it does sound like a problem with bandwidth, especially if you’re wife was watching netflix, that was probably slowing down your connection. Try it when she’s not using netflix, and it’ll probably work much better. Do let us know how you get on. Our new html5 client should be less sensitive to bandwidth so that might also help you, we’ll launch that early next year.

Also have refunded your 2000 chips, just now.

bad conection can you fix it

If you get a bad connection during a tourney it could be a problem with your connection to the internet. Close the window, and go back to the lobby and re-open it and you can normally continue without any problems. Also send an email to with all the details and we can investigate and give you a refund on the buy-in.