There r no words

4 the millionth time please hurry up and fix your site i have to make stupid bets just 2 play cuz it folds me sooooooooo much makes me want 2 just stop

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled how about you all refund the real money i have spent playin your site and ill never show up here again. just totally fed up with this crap connected disconnected sat out timed out folded callin when i dont not callin when i do just genrally pissed off

I can understand your frustration jeffreydad. How about helping us to solve the problems by sending us the hand ids where you think you’ve been automatically folded? As I posted recently we’re doing our best to deal with the current problems, so please be patient, all the issues WILL be fixed.

I don’t understand why I can play during the day and never have a problem. Then in the evenings, it disconnects and then the connecting/reconnecting thing happens. Every evening.

If I am lucky enough to reconnect, it ends up doing it again. Eventually, I end up out of the game because I lose chips to the blinds.

Is it because there are so many more players on at that time? Because it never does that during the day. Not once.

I keep cache cleared and have done everything that can be done and it still happens. I am on a hard wired connection.

Kinda tired of losing buy ins. Sunday and Monday it worked perfect for the first time in a long time, but then Tuesday evening, back to the problems.

What more can I do? I hate to give up playing in the evenings but it looks like that may be my only solution.


Maybe becouse more players, but , 1 , I would check internet speed daytime and evening too, see the diff, 2, change to chrome browser 3 use addblock/flashblock (you gona love this anyway) 4, make sure your modem wireless disabled, may your next door use it… 5, close all not used programs 6, Check for virus, make sure your antivirus program not use too much internet ( avast I recommend)

Did all that you suggested. Checked my internet speed daytime as opposed to evening and it is actually higher in the evening. No virus. My wireless is disabled. All other programs closed.

As for chrome browser, I changed to it a few weeks ago and the problem was actually a lot worse when I used chrome. So, I switched back to Firefox and honestly, the problem is not quite as bad with Firefox.

I did add the flashblock add on and though I still had the problem last night, I do love the add on anyway! You were right about that. Thanks!

I guess it must be because of the amount of people online. I checked when I played during the day and the amount of people playing is half what it is in the evenings.

Thanks for your help, I guess I will just have to wait for the “fix”. Hopefully, that will be soon.

It is “too much” user. Hang on for the fix! I forget the adobe flashplayer update May video card driverupdate Small things, but helps. If you love flashblock, add “adblock plus” too, you can disable the non filtered add pictures with the simple right click(disable pic line in box) on the picture/add and you never see them again. :slight_smile: very glad you like it! Firefox 26 update out last night, may better , may not.

Hopefully the staff work out something soon. ATB

Debbiefmc, have you noticed any improvement in the last couple of weeks? We’re still working on improving things, and rolling out updates slowly.

Sorry to say, not much of an improvement…

You may have noticed that we’ve added a notification now when your internet goes offline. So, I’d be interested to know when you get disconnected, whether you also get a notification that you’re offline or not. Do you think you could monitor your disconnections next week (keep a diary if possible) and log whether you get that offline notification, when exactly in the tournament it happens (does it happen on a rebalance), keep a note of the hand ids if possible when you disconnected, make a note of what happened when you tried to reconnect and send this to us either at or via the support message system on the website. If that sounds like too much work, then don’t worry, we’ll figure it out, but if you can help that would be awesome!

I just sent some info to support on a MTT I had trouble with this evening.

Thanks Debbiefmc, I’ll pick it up there.