Dealer at table killing your hand without giving you enough warning time to reach for your mouse if you have been distracted

If someone who works for Replay Poker reads this, PLEASE send it up the chain of command.

When you are at a table, and it is your turn, such as in the 7:45 freeroll, you have 10 seconds to act. If you do not act in those 10 seconds, your hand is killed. But maybe you have been somehow distracted, and your hand is not on the mouse.
The machine gives you a beep about one and 1/2 seconds before it kills your hand.

One and 1/2 seconds is not enough time to do anything, but it is more than enough time to really, and I mean, really, make people mad. Please have them send the beep about 4 seconds before they kill your hand so you can do something. Or have the machine not make any noise at all.
This is just sadistically cruel.

Thank you, David Rogers (AKA - aceto5)


If your table window has not the focus, then you get a first beep in then moment you get the focus on table and your buttons are to see. You can test it, click to taskbar or desktop and wait what comes. May be it can help you. Better would be to have this beep on focused table windows too.

Thanks @aceto5 for the idea to increase the warning beep, I believe we all get distracted at times. It has happened to me especially if playing 2 or 3 MTT’s at same time. I normally hurry to fold and later find I had the winning hand lol. I think it will also speed up each hand if the warning sound is earlier to wake us up to play our hand at times of being distracted.

Lite, thank you for taking the time to answer my request.

I really hope someone is listening.

Stay safe, aceto5

On regular speed tables it’s manageable, but on Fast speed, I agree, sometimes there isn’t enough time to even blink, let alone figure out what to do sometimes, if there is a lag, or if say you are multi-tasking and switching between browser tabs/windows.


One doesn’t even have a chance to blink no matter fast or regular tables with the lag and freezers before you are timed out. It’s sickening now.

But help is on the way …….

Agree my friend and the great thing about the suggested resolution is not to add time, but simply sound the warning sound earlier. GL at the tables everyone


Sorry but answer me this do you look at the mantel piece when your poking the fire i don’t i always look at what i am doing lol


Ok. Here is a question. Why do they even bother to ring the bell to tell you that they are about to kill your hand?
Why do they do that? What is the reason? What useful purpose does it serve, other than to say, “Hey Dummy, pay attention in the future, because right now you are just so screwed?”

To real poker players, playing online on a single table is a type of living hell. If Arizona had legal live cash games online, like it used to, I would once again be playing 6 to 8 tables at a time and making a really good second income, like I used to. And yes, I sometimes have to play more than one table at a time on replay poker just to stay awake.

Thanks, aceto5

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