Replay needs a unique loud tone announcing the start of your turn

Replay Poker is good, but surprisingly it has some incredibly basic things missing. Here’s one!

What’s one of the number one complaints on the site?

“This table is too slow!”

“People take too long to take their turn.”

Well, duh. Unlike most other poker sites, incredibly there’s no unique loud chime letting anyone know when their turn/their action has actually started!!

You only hear the checking, betting or folding sound. The site assumes you are keeping your eyes on the screen every second during a hand (which is actually terrible for your eyes and well being). So you have to know magically that this one betting tone you’re hearing (just like all the thousands you have heard before) is the one right before your turn!!

Which you don’t know if your eyes aren’t always glued to the screen.

We’re human though, so we don’t always do what we’re supposed to.

“Checking” has a tone, betting has a tone, a new card has a tone, dealign has a tone, folding has a tone, but NOT when your turn starts!!

It only beeps at you during your actual turn when you reach the last 25% of your time remaining–which is good to know, but not nerly as useful as knowing when your turn actually begins!!

You think that might have something to do with people being slow to bet . . . ?!

A little?!

If someone is momentarily distracted, they often have no idea it’s their turn.

Are they going to put in their bet in a timely fashion?! no way!!

They then have to scramble in the last seconds to type in the right amount. I race that clock all the time, and we don’t need to if we get a unique loud start tone.

Please fix this Replay Poker!!

I will mention another thing, but post it by itself later. Since people are scrambling to get amounts in, it would be nice if for initial betting they added at 2.5X button (since many famous players recommend it) and add for regular betting a 2/3rd of pot button. Half sometimes has everyone pile in (we still need that button), but we could use a 2/3s button for when you want to cause someone some pain in calling you.

Since that’s related to this, I would recommend those additions too!!

Thanks, guys!!


Great suggestions & I hope other people support your ideas. I have mentioned this before.

I struggle to play the new tables as fast as the old tables whilst playing 2 tables at a time. I dont want to know ive wasted 75% of my turn & everyone’s else’s time too. I rarely had this problem on the old tables & im not sure why. I personally feel the current tables could easily be inproved by your proposal.

My suggestion is implement it exactly as you mentioned as a toggleable option, set as default to off. This way it wont bother players that arent interested in this feature & players that are interested can simply turn it on.

Also i would like to see the implementation of polls in these forums. A poll is proposed by the OP, approved by mods if accepted & implemented only if it gets enough support.

I use the 2.5x a lot on HU, 4&6 player ring games & rarely if ever on 9 player.

Its been suggested by another player 1/3 bet button & clicking twice = 2/3 bet etc. Great idea.

Thanks for post & players please support & comment if you agree.

P.S. be careful using CAPS a lot. The mods frown on its overuse & consider it shouting. They ask to use bold instead. :slight_smile:


Many have suggested this Including myself.
Actually not all actions have thier own tone yet but should also. If you notice that playing (2) beta tables, you get a tone when the non-active table needs you. I have been lazer focused on this ( getting them to include ), but it fails for more than 2 tables. Not only do I need to hear a tone that another table needs me, I need to know visually… either the window border, or the Tab in the tray… needs to chg color, untill clicked.

Both needing to know its your turn on 1 table, and needing to know its your turn on another table ( & which one ) … is a Huge deal to speeding up play site wide. It goes to functionality, which then effects a players enjoyment of playing.

Check, Bet, Raise, Call, and Fold … all should have unique sounds.


Great ideas!
I play multiple tables as the play on most tables drag and a tone or chime would be helpful!


I agree with adding a start tone, and some adjustment and adding of bet buttons… thanks for the post.


Thanks, Sassy Sarah. I didn’t realize that. Thanks for the input!

Thanks, Mr. Chips. Yeah, they can drag. Too many people are distracted. Appreciate the input.

Thanks, Landman. Hopefully that will help a great amount! Hopefully they will do it!

first of all playing at a real table you don’t play on two one should play two tables. delays game

No one here is playing real poker or talking about real poker aKa Live poker. This is replay poker - play chips or online poker. Many online poker player play multiple tables, some & especially good players making a living playing online poker, play much more than 10 tables at a time. Many on replay play 8 or more & some at a decent pace.

Its easy to play 2 tables & much more profitable than playing only 1 table if proficient enough. If proficient enough, & with the right equipment & setup one could easily play quite a few tables much more profitably than only one.

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Let me start with the fact that the very first thing I do when I get to a table, whether I am playing one, or two is turn OFF the sound. So I can only judge the new tables from a visual point of view.
Call me crazy…but I find the old adobe format so much easier to view, read and play. It was clear and concise. The colors were simple but sharp. I do not need to see peoples’ pictures next to their names, (Isn’t that what clicking on a profile is for?) I do not need to see cards turning over, the little circle clock that fills in red is hard to miss on adobe, not like the new little line under
a name, and somehow it seems that what at times could be a slow game…even got slower.


@cassandra21 I often & prefer to play 2 tables (unless playing HU games)

Funny enough TBF the sound doesn’t help much anyway lol. This is impart the point of this OP.

Its not crazy. Many seem to like the old tables & dislike the new tables, myself included. I haven’t really been able to identify exactly why. I can say a few good things about the new table but as a whole prefer the old adobe flash tables.

100% agree though. Im a fast player, not to brag but in comparison to the slow players on RP I played the old tables fast, faster than most players & much faster than the new tables.

I have actually thought this many times. Knowing whose go it is means I knowing when to divert my attention back to the table. Honestly I feel this is mostly the problem I and many other plays are having - resulting in significantly slower play on the new tables.

Its difficult to have awareness with the new tables. I have many times looked at a table waiting my turn, trying to see whose turn it is to act, giving up and zombying back to the other table.

The old adobe table were much easier to see progression of play - whose turn is it hence how soon will it be mine. Something thats difficult with the new tables.

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The it is your turn alert tone is needed. The other sounds are ginger bread;


Need the hype for a game!!

I’m thinking something like this would work…


LOLOL you are one cool dude !!!

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Something a lil less irritating?

I think it needs to be something a lil more subtle and undetectable by the human ear whilst painful enough to melt my brain so it drips from my nose.

Maybe more high pitched & shorter & more spaced sounds?

Yeah, I guess. Maybe something like this…

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Or maybe this?

Subtle enough but neither game me a nose bleed.

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