Better Alert Systems

I do not like the alert system that tells you when your hand needs to be played. The initial warning should be something sharp and unique to the other sounds; the warning bell is, but often its too late b/c i didnt hear the initial one. You guys seem to have one for if its in the background, but you should have this sound go off always.

good point !!

Lots of user love it. ( I personally hate thet sound ) What about make it so, user s can have a 4-5 sounds to chose from?

  • make the room (window ) part or full flash? + for multi room players the room need to take action go top on the others?

Yeah, its not like its really bad or anything, I just personally like to either play a 2nd table, watch WSOP, pay bills, etc., while the game is going, and the only way to do that while your attention is diverted is to have a very distinct extra crisp sound that goes off right when your counter starts ticking or even just before (this will also be more courteous to the other plays b/c it’ll recieve a faster response). I just feel bad letting the timer run all the time and wasting everones time for nothing.

I would like the bar at the bottom of the screen to flash as I normally don’t have the sound on on my computer. I am also one of those that just doesn’t do one thing at a time so would like the extra security of the flashing notification.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled TOURNEY ALERTS. I have lost a ridiculous amount of play chips from being completely unaware that somebody sat down and my tournament table is now available. A simple “ding” to alert me my table is ready would go a long way!

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Sound alert for getting a seat.. I would love it if we could get a sound alert when you get a seat at a table when your on the waiting list. Sure would be helpful when your not sitting in front of your computer. Any way to implement this?