Important Feature for Relpay Poker

Hello Poker fans,

We are in an era when everyone is multi-tasking. When I sign up for a game, I read my e-mails or catch up on some reading.

Presently, Replay Poker has no alert system if the game is ready and the window is not in the foreground. So I miss many poker games that I sign up for or miss important hands or the entire tournament if I am multi-tabling or multitasking. This is very annoying and unfortunate.

The other poker sites have a feature that allows the window to pop into the foreground so that the user knows that it is his turn and it beeps as well. Replay shows enable such a feature; when it is Hero’s turn the window pops into the foreground and beeps to alert the user that it is his or her turn to play or the table opens up automatically when the tournament starts.

Please address this.

I would suggest that while multi tasking and playing poker that the poker should be your main concern. Replay does have a pop up that alerts you that your game is about to begin but you must have the window open. Best of luck at the tables


Have no clue on how this web site works. I think it needs an upgrade though. I have never seen so many big hands happen in so few a deals.

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How many deals do you mean? Replay poker has dealt over 936643584 hands (opened random table and copied hand number) so far. I’d say that more than “so few” and may even qualify as a lot. Just for giggles lets work out how many hours/days/years/lifetimes we would have to sit at a casino table to rack up that many hands. Average casino deals are 8 to 15 per hour so I will use 12 per hour for this calculation.
936643584 deals/12 per hour = Hours required 78,053,632. Holy Heifers!!!.. That’s a lot of hours. Really! That’s a lot of hours, so how many days you may ask…78,053,632/ 24 = Days required 3,252,234.
Well we know hours and days so what about years? 3,252,234/365.25 = 8,904 years.

We are all part of those numbers so lets enjoy our visit

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Really, REALLY, with only 23 cards dealt per a nine hand table. How many big hands should there be in say 3 hours on one table? Your humongous numbers have nothing to do with my minimal playing time.

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That is exactly my point. 3 hours is roughly 180 deals and is such a tiny sample that anything could happen. Pot size is also determined by who is at the table. Are there loose aggressive players going at it?. Are oversize bets causing players to fold too often?. Are players bluffing too much and getting snapped off?. Are the blinds so high that players are pot committed?. etc. etc. etc. All those things may lead to larger pots.
BlackWidow ran an analysis on 7553 hands and their findings was that statistical expectations were the norm. Take a look at those findings in the link provided.
Enjoy your game…


I get what your saying. You are not talking about huge pots and chips and who’s doing what, you are talking about big hands in such a small sample of deals like Full Houses, Straight Flushes, Quads, etc and your right. Monster hands most of the time. Nothing to due with humongous numbers.

I get it and your right.