We should have tables that pop and and go "beep" when it's your turn

I sometimes time out on two tables because I’m so immersed in one hand that I don’t even realise that the other table’s action is on me. Having a beep and tables that pop up when it’s my turn will help not just me, but a lot of other people that are in the same boat as me.

Just to get it clear and not to be confused, it isn’t that I can’t handle two tables that well because I have the capacity in myself to play six or eight tables (I’ve done it comfortably before except that was all when it “beeped” when it was your turn).

Thanks for considering my idea!

Hi Scrover,

Thanks for the idea. Currently our tables do beep at you, both when it’s your turn and when your clock is running out, but the trick is that the window needs to be unfocused for this first beep to happen – otherwise the game thinks you’re paying attention. I tested a couple games today and I was able to get the beeps beeping while switching back and forth between games, but it was admittedly a little inconsistent depending on exactly when I clicked over to the other game. I’ll pass this along and see if there’s anything we might be able to do there.

Regarding popping up the table – we’re a bit limited on what exactly we can do with Flash, but again, I’ll forward on to the tech team and see if we have any ideas on how we can better notify players when it’s their turn.

Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Lesley