Could Somebody Explain Please?

How does a pair of 9s beat a pair of 10s?

Hi portcullis,
You had a pair of tens, the winning hand held 8 10 off suit but made a straight 7,8,9,10,J. The post residue to the A9 was because he had a stack higher than the winner at the start of the game.
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Hmm, I understand the straight winning, but I still feel gipped

I will try to explain a little better, excuse my lack of technical ability! Your all in covered only the amount you had to stake, which did not beat the winning straight. The A9 had funds to cover the bet, so he received the balance of the pot.
Hope that helped make it clearer.


Hi @portcullis

The important thing is that you had less chips at the start of the hand than the player who won the Main Pot.

You had 2,450 and were only involved in the Main pot of 12,580

Maxymillion won that pot and the first side pot (1,320) with their straight

putter10 won the outside side pot (6,990) with a pair of nines because they had the best hand of the three players who bet into it, putter10, Oliver931202 and feher271


I’m curious as to how you feel you were gipped.

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Atrocious play all round. How could three players be all in on the River when the board was flushing and none of them had the flush?


It happens all the time in Omaha freeroll tournaments. I think… why? Were they hoping to hit a straight or 3 of a kind or something, both of which would get creamed by any Flush.

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Main Pot and Side Pot. Your Hand has nothing to do with the Side Pot because you had not enough chips for the Side Pot.