poker hand analysis, because I win with a pair of sevens when I have two pair

I’ve been in it very little because I’m still learning, but I don’t understand why I win the pair of sevens if I’m sure that double pair wins

7 :diamonds: - Q :four_leaf_clover: - 3 :four_leaf_clover: - 2 :heart: - 5 :four_leaf_clover:

my hand : Q :heart: - 5 :heart:

opponent hand : 7 :heart: k :diamonds:

replay: Hand #865826227 · Replay Poker

U started hand w/139 chips and won the Main pot w/QQ55 … The side pot was won by the 77 … u Got the max out of ur hand


You started the hand with 139 chips. Once the pot goes over 139 chips from every player involved a side pot is created for the players with more than 139 chips. You didn’t have enough chips to be involved in this pot. You won the main pot and fishwitleg won this seperate side pot. You can only win the amount you bet from each player.
Suppose I have 100 chips and you have 1,000. If I go all-in and you call my all-in I can only win 100 from you. I can win a chip for every chip I bet.
If 4 players are involved and I have 100 chips and the other 3 all have 1,000 I can only win a pot of 400. Any chips bet by the other players above my 100 are a side pot between them so I could win the main pot of 400 and one of the other players wins the 2,700 in the side pot.


Excuse me for me lame analysis lol … SMH

Huh?.. The guy is new and just learning. Help him out a bit by explaining why and how. Try to explain things to a new player. Help new players so we all benefit by growing the site. Teach new players rather than bestow analysis they may not yet understand. Try to be a leader, a friendly port of call, as they explore poker. There is no need for the passive aggressiveness


Yea ok u got my point … This is why I don’t give analysis b/c want to be “experts” try to fill the page w/their shallow ego … If u want to help this player maybe start w/calling the raise in the 1st place :slight_smile:

Bad play and getting lucky does not work out in the long run

Good luck at the tables The Goat :goat::slight_smile: :

Again the guy is learning. And your comment didn’t explain zip to them. Their question was about the payout of a hand and I tried to explain the why and whatnot of that. And yeah, it is beholding on both you and I to help and advise new players if we want the site to grow.


What eva bud … I learned along time ago not to argue with a Know it All … It is like trying to teach my cat to sit … After all the effort they just go back to licking their privates :crazy_face:

So who was having an argument.? Were we supposed to be having an argument? Bummer, I wasn’t aware of that. I am trying to help a newbie. Ya know, explain the pay-out system or whatever. Geez Wheez, thats it;. pretty simple.


Don’t worry too much about Goatsoup; he tends to react like a badger if anyone tries to elaborate on one of his zen koan like short posts. I thought both posts were nice.

Some will like Goat’s approach, short and to the point.

Others will like yours, with a more information and trying to explain the rules a bit more.

I like both explanations. @Goatsoup 's was short but if @fish-all-in is just starting out he obviously did not realize how pot payouts work.

@feelmysins I think you are correct in the additional explanation for a newbie.

Has anyone else noticed that Goatsoup’s follow-up posts are similar to the way he plays poker?

What I don’t understand is why both Jop_01 and didten called the large raise on the turn by fishwitleg?