Please explain this

Hand #987841897 I had a flush the other player had two pairs. But the two pairs win more chips I thought a flush beat two pairs.

You were paid correctly. Remember your original stack was only 250 with three others calling and you won 955 less rake. The winner with two pairs had bet more total chips than you and won the others chips because they called him.


Hi, same situation but I got more chips from start than opponent. I had a flush, he had 2 x pairs and I lost, is this a bug in game?


Your game was PL Omaha. You can only use 2 of your dealt down hole cards with 3 cards from the board. Your best hand was a pair of 7’s, i.e., 77QAK and lost to AA77K.

I hope this helps.


If all of the cards were used, each of you had an Ace high flush , so it would’ve been a split pot at best for you.