Incorrect payout

Please tell me how I can lose tp a pair of tens when I am holding 3 nines. It just happened. Also some of your so called flops only turn up one card???

What was the hand number so we can all have a look. Was it this one by any chance?

Your A9 call to a K10 all-in by semiautomatic.
Payout is correct if it was. You paired your 9 on the flop and semiautomatic paired his 10 on the river. He won with pair 10’s over your pair 9’s
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Ive found sometimes, And also watching a table before joining, crazy payouts, example 3 of a kind losing to a pair, and the player stating WTF!!! in the past Ive also lost 3 of a kind to a pair, sat out and checked the deal and found I was correct, made a comment to the winner to get, so what I got the chips. Ive also lost a flush to 3 of a kind. Guess sometime %% happens. But overall love this site and the enjoyment it brings.

This is weird. I have never seen a wrong payout in replay. You would have probably thought because in the new tables, some of the cards from the previous deal get displayed in the open. This is a problem, they are looking into.

Sorry that I did not get the hand number. All I know was that I had a rare straight flush in spades 4 to 7. Another player won having 3 of a kind. I was shocked of course.

4 to 7 is not a straight flush as it contains only 4 cards, 4,5,6,& 7. A straight flush must be 5 consecutive cards of the same suit. e.g 4,5,6,7 & 8 all spades.
If the hand happened recently in a ring game it may still be in your last 200 hands or in your activity history if it happened in a tournament.
I have never seen an incorrect payout here.
This is the only low spades hand I found where you lost to 3 of a kind. I cant see your cards. Did you have 4&5 spades here.??? That would be a straight flush if you did. 5 of spades would have been a pair. 4 of spades would have made a straight.

Were you playing Omaha or Holdem?

Of course you are right. I made the mistake of not giving you the fifth card and I can’t remember if it was a 3 or a 8 (4,5,6,7,8, of spades or 3,4,5,6,7,. Sorry about that.