Losing hands I actually won

Here are 2 hands in Omaha earlier today - the first hand I should have shared the chips as we both had same straight . Second hand I had a flush but was only recognised as having a pair . Not the first time this happened but thought was maybe a glitch in software . Anybody else had this problem ?



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Hi nicknacknu,

In the first hand you quote you mucked your losing hand so it is not possible to judge whether you both had the same straight.

in the second hand, you were forgetting that you can only count three cards from the table and must count two from your hand. You did not have a flush, just a pair of twos.

Hope this helps



It has happened to me so many times. So many times. I agree it is a glitch in software for sure. I have been knocked out of so many tourneys because of this.

Hi, there is no software error in either of these hands

I can see your hole cards in the backend, and both hands were awarded correctly.

If you would like to post your hole cards for the first hand, or say it is ok for me to do so, it will be easy for others to follow what happened

At Omaha you have to use exactly two cards from hand and exactly three from the board

In hand 496655876 a single 5, or a pair of 5s in your hand without another card to make a straight (anything from a 3 to a 9 would do) would not give you a straight.
reddogala uses 5d and 4s from hand and 8c 7h 6s from board for their straight, but you do not have the necessary cards for a straight.

In hand 496595595, your best hand under Omaha rules is, as grapevine stated, a pair of twos. The lone queen of spades does not give you a flush.


It seems we see a lot of these posts started because people don’t understand/know that primary rule of the game.
Perhaps it would be a good idea to post that rule/reminder at all Omaha tables.

It might also be a good idea to at least know the basic rules before you decide to play a game.