CONTEST - Favorite promotion or update of 2019

Gobble Games !

The RPOS was it’s usual excellent event(s). The team event was also very good despite the microscopic field.

I liked the holiday events

Winter Games was incredible - a different promo every day for 2 and a half weeks - very exciting, very fun. Hope that returns this year. And the RTC was great fun too - hope to see that return too.


Easy the Team Championship was the most fun and the most profitable. Thanks Replay.

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I like a mix of different poker games with omaha etc. More ore less all except new tables (scripture to small, pictures to small, no good reading). Prefer the old ones.

Me encanta la posibilidad de usar entradas para SnG

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Translation : I love the possibility of using tickets for SnG


My favorite was Santa coming to visit!!! What a nice surprise. Made my day very special…Thank-you.
On a different note…Freaked out when I heard you were going to a new format. All I could do was hope that if I couldn’t figure it out, that the local librarian could walk me through it.(Although I was hoping that if I had to call, I would get to talk to a different person than the one I talked to when I called and asked if they had apps to check out!!!) My inner Luddite was showing again. Thank goodness the wonderful friends I’ve made on the nightly freerolls explained I had to do nothing. WHEW…Love this site, good fun, better people. Thank-you Thank you !!!

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Hands down, team championships were the best event. Eager for another of the same!


I really liked the Santa coming to visit…

My favorite was the Replay Team Championship. It was a very fun and unique event. I’m looking forward to coming back for revenge.


I liked all the Twitch streams…shame they petered out.

I liked the team championship albeit the game-play could gave been improved . Also enjoy the Beat the Staff promo - its great to knock out the Staff / and the Prep’s etc .

Worst promotions - those which require 24/7 game-play- definitely a no no 4 me

Love love love Beat the Staff!!! Great promotion and great fun. Look forward to it every month. Thanks for asking and I still feel guilty for not sending you a tip for Christmas. Love Replay.

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I enjoyed the Naming of a New Table promotion !

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I didn’t participate in all of them, but the team events and bust the staff games sounded fun. There were some excellent suggestions in forums concerning the teams, subs, and getting more people involved. I’m guessing you guys read them, as some came from moderators.

I did play some of the leader board games, and wrote a couple of poems. Since promo games required a different approach, they foftend to skew the stats. I do look at stats, now and then, for my showdown ratio, and how many hands i’m playing. I’m still trying to figure out a way to weed the promo numbers out… Making a copy, then another, a couple of months later, seems to be working for a short term view
I’d really like to join a team, but my lack of experience, compared to most other members, concerns me. Perhaps a rating limit per team, and some of the ideas for substitutes, would carve out a spot for some of us with less skill.

I understand some of the remarks about limited play time. Had I begun a couple of years ago, before I retired, I’d only be playing a small fraction of the time i’m able to now. Is the monthly LBs the only ones that uses an average of the points from games played?

I did ok on the bust out board, for the amount of games i played. Is the staff cagey enough to see me coming? I hope to find out next time the promo runs.

Standardizing buy-ins was a very good idea, IMO.

Seriously, even tho I grumble, gripe, beatch and moan with the best of em, I do appreciate the work you guys do, and the members who take the time to help me out with this surprisingly complex game.
tks again,

Heck any of them with leaderboards have all been fun but the most fun I had was the RPOS events you had. Enjoyed my first last year and it was a kick in the pants yeah.

i like

My favorite is the tournaments. I have learned to play them well.

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