MTT & SNG Championships Changes

A quick note to mention some key changes on our MTT & SNG Championships - effective from this month.

1. Tickets will now be valid for 12 months. This means players can win multiple tickets in one same month and still use them on the next months. If a player wins more than 12 tickets in one year, the extras must be forfeit as these won’t be carried on the following year.

2. MTT & SNG ticket’s will now have a value of 1 chip. However, each monthly MTT & SNG Championship tournament will now have an added prize pool of 1,000,000 chips.

Promotion pages for both Championship - MTT & Championship - SNG will be updated accordingly by tomorrow.

Great , players might be encouraged to try out for more than one Board. Thanks.

Very nice decision Thanks the management for taking good decision .Suggestion made is considered This will benefit players who cannot use ticket in the same month

While you’re at it, why not award the top X players in each monthly championship tournament with a ticket? The top 3 or 5 or whatever should automatically qualify for the next one.

It would be nice if you mentioned the top 3 in each month’s Championship Tournament in your newsletter. You mention Bust The Staff, every leaderboard, and every other “special” tournament, but not this one?

I’m not just saying this because I won the first one. Well, mostly, but not JUST. My plan is to win 3 of the 12, so you will have other chances to mention me, don’t worry. Because, like, poker always goes according to plan, right? UNLESS IT’s RIGGED!!! OMG!!


That’s correct, we only mention the Leaderboard’s winners, League’s winners and the Bust the Staffs! tournament winner. We have in plans to announce the Championship - MTT and Championship - SNG winners when the leaderboard is over.

Congratulations on topping-up that field by the way. :wink:

I have a problem with putting the total number of games that exceed the limit of games in the leaderboard. . Players judge you if you play a lot and think that it you are only doing well because you play more. They don’t get that many players could play thousands of games and never cash or hit final tables, win etc You can certainly put how many of the required games towards the required amount played. I have had several players comment about how many games I play. I would also suggest that you add a line in the statistics of % how many tourneys you have cashed verses how many you play. .