[Official] Promotions & Poker Room Idea Box

Dear players,

I open this thread for you to have an official topic where you can share directly with me your feedbacks and ideas on Replay game offering, tournament and promotions.

Is there a promotion you would like to play? A tournament or a ring game that you believe would be popular and that you want to see? Or maybe you simply want to give your feedbacks on the current game and promotions offering.

I might not reply to each comment but please rest assured that I will read all of them and I will use your ideas as a guiding light for upcoming promotions and poker room changes.

Best of luck at the tables, Shake

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Who is holding up Omaha 8??? What is your home phone number??? What is the air speed velocity of a laden swallow???

Would you call Malaysia? :)) You just prove one of my points, ty

marcipan you have a point???

The plane was stolen. What else could it be at this point.

What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

I think he meant African as they can carry coconut. As you all know, play omaha 8 it’s necessary to drink coconut-rum. AKA, B17 need train these bird to fly to America with it. (before RP make possible play Omaha8)

I take note of this. Thanks SharonSmarty

Omaha 8 is a feature that we definitely want to have as soon as possible on Replay. I will keep you posted on its status. :slight_smile:

I was thinking Malaysian swallows!!

Shakeraise could you post a timeline for Omaha 8 completion and operation!!!

Just a suggestion to attract more forum activity that goes along with the best hand contest:

Each week give out a few thousand free chips to forum posts that stand out:

Most helpful post
Most fun post
Most interesting post

Just some ideas. Also wondered if Replay has considered making T shirts and mugs with the Replay logo available. You may have them and I just haven’t seen them?

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Bad idea , there are forum hogs and forum butterflies who live on the forums page.

Maybe most sarcastic and negative?


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Or why not take thousands of chips from posts that stand out:

Most offensive post
Most off topic post
Most ridiculous post



I would be broke in a week.


LOL I wouldn’t last that long :wink:

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i agree Sharon about the forum hogs and butterflies, it would be similar to a best/of leader board where those people would just post as many as possible to increase their chances of winning so it rewards the hog or butterfly that posts the most and not the best.

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your fingernails look like a beaver who won a building competition

do i win now? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: