CONTEST - What was your favorite promotion or update in 2018?


Happy New Year! :tada:

As 2019 begins, it’s a great time for us to reflect on 2018, and @grapevine suggested a stellar question to kick things off: What was your favorite promotion or poker room update in 2018? Did you enjoy the Replay Poker World Cup, or Santa’s festivities? Have the Gemstone Leagues become a part of your regular routine? Share your thoughts here, as we’ll be awarding 100,000 chips to five random players who chime in!

Winners will be drawn on Friday, January 18th. Can’t wait to hear what your top choices were! :star_struck:


Mine were by far the updates to Royal and Omaha tourneys. The new tournaments added with higher buy-ins and different times.

There are a few promotions I really enjoyed playing in. I enjoyed playing in the World Cup, The Replay Poker Online Series VI and the Bust the Staff promotions the most in 2018!

Bust the Staff was my favorite!!! Always have a lot of fun playing in those with a huge field of players to compete against!

All of those promotions were fun to play in and were exciting! Look forward to what 2019 brings!!!



Do the forum contests count? I loved those too. They were great fun, from the robots and Miss Piggy, all the way to this one :slight_smile:

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I sure hope they count lol,i think replay does an excellent job with all promotions and I enjoy reading about all the winners!

I had a blast in the decathlon promotion. I enjoyed the intensity of practicing a new game every day. I’d definitely join another if one comes up and if I can put it into my schedule. It was INTENSE, and daily, so I accomplished nothing else that week!

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I enjoy the “first time chip buyer promotions”. I’ve haven’t bought chips yet but I wait with great anticipation for each larger offer in succession.
I don’t play regularly enough to succeed in the league or leader board promotions.

I have only recently started to play the promotions and really enjoy trying to do okay in the leaderboards but hands down I really enjoyed the weekly Stampede the most!
Sure hope it comes back soon :grin:


Hard to chose my favourite, but on balance the Gemstone league has been incredibly well received, and after a slow start I have also enjoyed the Astral sit & go, especially Astral Pegasus. On the rare occasions when I make it into the leader board chips, the ping and email I receive telling me I have cashed is like having a birthday present!

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I’ve enjoyed many of the promotions, both on the tables and the forum, but the Stampede has been SO MUCH FUN!! The Stampede gets my vote and hope for more, even better, promos like this in 2019. Awesome prizes, great play, a draw to new players and the fun of having the MTT live commentary from Buffalo Prime put this one over the top for me. Thanks for all the fun!!

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While I’m disappointed whenever trying to register for the freeroll for newcomers only (joined RP in last 30 days) I think it’s a very good idea and will hopefully attract newcomers and keep the sharks away until they get their feet wet :grin:


My favourite ones to manage were the World Cup and Gobble Games because they were a series of qualifiers which kept everyone interested for 2 weeks. Plus England did quite well in the actual World Cup.

Looking forward trying some new ideas we have had and keeping you all occupied.

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I forgot about that one…I really liked the series part and winning tickets to the finals…please push for those!

My answer is “G.”

I used to have this favorite pencil, back in the days when writing was a thing. I got it on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, back before the casinos, as a reward for some obscure talent or another. Ball bouncing, ring tossing, or similar carny contest, I’m sure.

This pencil was huge, which meant I couldn’t sharpen it with any known sharpener. I devised a system of progressive sandpapers, however, and quickly achieved the perfect precision pencil point. There’s nothing like a big pencil to let you put big ideas on, well, on ordinary-sized paper. It’s inspirational.

Anyway, that’s why I vote “G,” the big pencil.


My absolute favorite is the Summer Roadtrip Freeroll promotion because it had daily leaderboards. This means you had different competition every day, could take a day off here and there, and it makes it a promotion that everyone can play (even if you lead a busy life outside the poker room). If you work full-time, it is almost impossible to get to the top of any weekly leaderboard. My only suggestion on improving that promotion, though it doesn’t really need improving, is that you make it a mix of games throughout the day - some Omaha, Royal and Omaha Hi/Low would be a welcome addition to the NL Hold 'em. My other favorites were the Gobble Games, RPOS, World Cup, any ticket hunt and the Omaha tourney one you ran in November. These promotions have gotten me out of my comfort zone, made me try new things, and improved my game.


The Stampede. It attracted a good group of people with a good range of skill sets. Despite the variance in skill and play style, from what I observed (albeit a novice source) the tables usually consisted of quality games, for the most part. I have heard many other more advanced players say the same thing. Despite the variance, one thing that always remained consistent was the level of respect between players and the amount of fun those involved had. And how cool was it that it was streamed on BuffaloPrime’s web TV channel? On a personal level, it was the tournament which most of my Replay friends played, even bringing one friend who mostly plays Royal and Omaha back to HE.


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Favorite, mhmmmm…
My favorite was just playing the promotions. They constantly rotate … game type (hold’m, omaha, ect ect) , game format (Ring,SnG,MTT), and Leaderboard metrics…

Because of many factors, Even tho the best promo currently is RPOS ( due to difficulty/structure ) , I enjoyed -TheStampede- because it was more of a social atmosphere and ya just gotta love outta 21 weeks, 20 different winners… Any once a week MTT promotion will appeal to many more ppl that can devote 3 hrs, once a week to play… rather than other promos that favor ppl who play all the time. I hope you secure @BuffaloPrime for another year, and perhaps add in monthly winners along with yearly.

I will suggest once/twice a year a Contest for player submitted promotions. Its awesome that Replay included Rings more in the promotions, along with astral SnG & Gemstones in '18, but some of the regular promotions are mindless marathons which take no skill or they’re so re-used well, been there done that. I’ve been here a few years now and if the players do most of the work for you, why not run a once/twice a year contest for submitions of promotions… just a thought.

I agree with @bahia7 , that daily leaderboards are way kewl, you’d be surprised how hard some of the last few have been day-day, to win … because there’s always tomorrow or you can miss a day and it won’t hurt ya, unless there’s also a weekly LB. The only prob there is, players who can’t play all day long … usually can’t win the daily LBs either.

Hopefully for '19 some new Metrics can be created to pull in a wider variety of players and give us some new and different challanges. Also, the blog winners wrapup ( since there’s isn’t one on forum ) has neglected Gems & Astrals, as well as some daily LBs… So I’m ask’n for us all ( cause I know I haven’t just won everything under the sun ) Your players are out there fight’n hard and feel more a part of Replay when given credit… can you @least do top 3 for everything, even if there isn’t also expanded comentary ??

My least favorite update was when the 1.5k PL BankrollBuilder MTT was eliminated. With 3 of each, that was 8 per day of each, then split for 6/9 max … so 4 of each. It gave the low-rollers 3 different formats to learn … ML, PL, and NL(rebuys/bounties). I hope Replay considers adding back in this MTT, for the Low-Stakes players.

All in all … I think more players should give the promotions a try. Lets hope '19 brings us all more unique challanges to play for… the same 'ole same 'ole does get boring… I love that 3 weeks a month ( most months ) there’s usually 1 of each ( Ring/SnG/MTT ). I love that the Astrals and Gemstones were add’d in '18.

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I loved the Stampede and the Bust The Staff Tourneys most :smiley:


I only played a few but The Stampede was my hands-down favorite. The game had a low buy in but was set up like a more “expensive” tournament. People got to play a little poker. Plus, the payouts were the best here by a long ways and that’s not even including the stuff he gives away on his livestream. I’m really glad it was renewed for 2019!

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