CONTEST - What was your favorite promotion or update in 2018?

One of the brief promos I really enjoyed was the Omaha Added series, it was at a time when I busted my bankroll so I put my daily 2.5k into that and had a great time practicing my Omaha game which I was still new to at the time (now I am a pro obviously).

I like the Bust the Staff Tourney and League Play when I have the time through month.

The Stampede because it does have a more jovial feel to it.


Free Roll sunt deosebite mai ales că totul e gratis. Sunt bine venite și 500 + R Deși ma câștigat puțin mă bucur de eleganța și acuratețea jocului. Nici o dată nu știi ce vine după primele 3 cărți…

For me, Bust The Staff… To have a contest go throughout the year made it something to strive for. To improve… Top 5 get a t-shirt or coffee cup. Knock-out contest do make it more competitive.

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I liked the double payourts on the HNY Freerolls

Hands down, Bust the Staff :smiley: , especially that time I took down 2 guys in one tourney hahaha

Bust the staff and The Stampede are my favorites, wish there was more like them at different times!

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bust the staff and Omaha

I love Omaha tourys but I wish would make Omaha stake higher like do with Hi/Lo Omaha

The stampede for sure but I also liked the tickets included with the low
chip buys.

i like to any promottiom game i Iike that

#1 The American League and it’s Leader-board great group of players, very competitive.

#2 Stampede was fun with the extra interactive stream.

#3 Gemstone leagues, has a great group of followers.

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la verdad es un juego maravilloso desestresante y sobre todo la importancia de ser perteneciente a tan fabuloso programa.

la promocion 100.% buenisima

The TSHIRT promotion. When Ash told me I won one I was so proud and bragged and the story got funnier, what ended up getting shipped was "What would Jello DO " I was hurt, msg everybody from Mr Replay on down. Finally got my REPLAY POKER shirt, in time for New Years. Yay, ( I was a little embarrassed about making a seen LOL. Once again thanks to the staff !!!

Bust the Staff for sure they are so much fun !

I have to say that I enjoyed the stampede the most. It gave me something to look forward to every Sunday night, I felt it was a good way for replay to get new members and also enjoyed watching the stream and listening to BuffaloPrime while I was playing. He always involved the players in one way or another, either by mentioning their name and saying how well they were playing or commenting on moves being made during a play. I am in favour of the stampede continuing through 2019 :+1::100:

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I’m probably the only person who likes the ACHIEVMENT CHIPS!

Although I’m still in the dark as to what they’re for other than a nice decoration & what they are.

I really liked HOTM. I just found out I won the December HOTM, and since they discontinued that promotion, I’m feeling extra good about winning the last one, since it was my last chance for that promotion. Thanks to the judges for picking my hand this time :slight_smile:

I also really like the Bust the Staff promotion, although the timing of it is such that I can never participate, being that they always start at 4pm on a Thursday, when I’m at work. I wish they did an evening or weekend Bust the Staff, but I get that probably you guys all need your time off.

Of course, the one I play the most is the Astral SNG Ursa Major. I also enjoy the MTT Bounty Brawls.