Promotions - What would you change?

Greetings Poker Fans!

As we are making plans for next year, we want to hear from you about promotions. Please use this thread to highlight what you like, but also what you would change or remove.

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I had been looking forward to the High Roller Omaha, or Hi Lo games in RPOS, only to find they are all at 5pm. For me, that’s not a time I can ever play. For some I’m sure it’s perfect. So this, and many other tourneys in the MTT’s Rotating times would be fair to all time zones. I have said this about Bust the Staff for years.

We all enjoyed the Replay Team Championship and I wondered whether a similar promotion based on Pairs, where one played Holdem and the other Omaha High Low in a similar format? Just an idea :heart_eyes:


I want to see more team championship,it was so fun to play in a team,fight for your team mates evry week!! So mayby it can be several times in a year in diffrent format sometimes! And make it easier to form a team! I would want to see one more time in the day for the 100K free member tourny then i work and live in sweden it is not possible to play at 6 in the evning and 2 in the night during the week despit the weekends! You do a great work and i love Replay!!


I really enjoyed the stud / stud h/l 5k SNG tournaments (can’t remember the name) where we would try to get 7 a day in

I posted this before and still like the concept so I will put it up for consideration and comment

  1. Name… Continental Contact.
  2. Format… Team event 4 players per team and must include 4 different countries and 3 continents. Qualifying round of 4 weeks with top 9 teams advancing to final table. Final table to be a 1 day shootout. Highest points win. Individual player with the highest points score also gets a prize
  3. Start Day … Sunday any/xx/yy
  4. Start time… Diamond group 4am ET. Hearts 10am ET. Spades 4pm ET. Clubs 10pm ET.
  5. Scoring… All individual scores count with the 2 worst team scores during qualifying being dropped
  6. Reserve players… Teams may replace 1 player under emergency rules during qualification.
    …a)Team must give 24 hour notice of change
    …b)Change is permanent
    …c)Incoming player must comply with group/team selection rules
    …d) 50% of the points scored by that player are deducted.

Those times should suit everyone for a Sunday evening game.
The strategy involved in this structure would add another chunk of fun. All the Diamond group need to score well or they have put their team at disadvantage. Play aggressive to take advantage and risk being picked off for minimal points or play safe for mid-table.?? Hearts and Spades have to protect from a good position if Diamond did well or attack in order to put Clubs in a good position to complete the day. And it all compounds upon itself during qualifying.
Sounds like fun …

I have a suggestion regarding the RPOS’s schedule.

This year the schedule for the League of Legends (LoL) and the High Roller Showdown (RPOS HRS) 40 tournaments are scheduled from Oct. 1 - 10 at 1030, 1630, 1800 and 2230 hours ( ET ) for all times.

My suggestion is to space the starting times at least 3 - 3 1/2 hours apart.

1.) So the 1030am is fine but, I don’t think I will be participating because I no longer prioritize waking up that early these days.

2.) 1630pm is a slight problem for me with the next tourney at 1800pm. So, my preference is for the 1630pm be changed to either 1430pm or 1500pm.

3.) The 1800pm is fine but, if the 1630pm can’t be changed then maybe make it 1900pm.

4.) The 2230pm is fine even if the 1800pm is changed to 1900pm.

Realize I’m not in the ( ET ) zone and I’m making all these adjustments in my head. An example of the conflict I’m having is with the LoL #29 and the RPOS HRS #10 tourney times.

I realize you millennials are used to multi-tasking and at one time long ago so was I. I can’t play multi tables at the same time because I need to focus and concentrate on my opponents actions, the betting action flow of the game and pick up any poker tells if possible.

Besides, all that clicking is a huge distraction for me.

If these can be discussed for further consideration, I’ll thank you in advance.

I’m uncertain how you can easily make this change. It’s regarding the RPOS final table eligibility.

I enjoy these special annual tournament competitions.

The last three years with this new format of a Final Table instead of having 30 or 40 eligible finalists there has been or will be less than the 30 or 40 because of multiple winners over the tournaments played.

I’m not suggesting changing the Tourney leaderboards or the tourney point calculations because I realize they affect other reporting systems.

But, I would like to compete against 39 other players assuming I’m able to qualify for the Final Table. And, I’m certain everyone qualifying would feel the same.

I’d like the change for the Final Table eligibility to be:

1.) if you win you can only qualify once;
2.) which means if the winner of a tournament has previously won then the 2nd place is eligible;
3.) if the 1st and 2nd have previously won then the 3rd becomes eligible and so on etc.

These tournaments are pretty intense and I feel those who have finished against a previous winner ( and they know it ) deserve to play and will play that much harder to get to the Final Table especially if you’re say 3rd or 5th on that specific tourney’s final table.

This change will require a lot of manual adjustments. At the beginning, it won’t be so difficult but it will be difficult for example towards the end with the LoL #25 - #30 and the HRS #9 & #10.

I’d also like to suggest that the Tournament of Champion listing shows something like this:

RPOS #1 “winner name”
RPOS #2 “winner name”
RPOS #3 “winner name” “finish position” assuming the tourney winner was a previous winner in either RPOS #1 or #2 and so on etc. The “finish position” in RPOS #3 could even be “3”.

The winner for each RPOS tourney has to be a player from that specific tourney because of the intensity and a different game being played.

I hope I’ve considered most of the important things of the change and this change will be considered for next year.


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1.) if you win you can only qualify once;
2.) which means if the winner of a tournament has previously won then the 2nd place is eligible;
3.) if the 1st and 2nd have previously won then the 3rd becomes eligible and so on etc.

  1. this is already in place
  2. and 3 ) disagree why should a player who did not win the game get an entry to the final and also if a play like @Goatsoup who won several should not be disadvantaged in the final just because they did amazing it means they have increased there odds at the final by ensuring less people qualify

it is no different for example when there is a ticket promo you get a golden ticket - there are 4 finals you can enter if you win more than 4 you do not enter any more times - but that ticket does not go to another player

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Well, I like these special annual tournament events because I do like the competition.

In this year’s preliminary tournaments I show 6 individuals winning more than once. Since, I’ve played against each of them and I feel each one of them could have won one or more additional preliminary tournaments. So, instead of 31 participants eligible for this year’s Final Table, it could have been ( a lot ) fewer.

I don’t think that is or should be the intent of the RPOS.

My proposal doesn’t make changes to the leaderboard standings ( because people do like to see their name on there ), the tournament points calculation or the distribution of each tourney chip prize amounts. Just, the final number of participants in the Final Game.

I’m just trying to increase the participation ( again the competition ) in the Series and I think this change will help. I estimated that only 730 - 750 players participated out of the 12,000 members that should’ve been eligible.

A week or so ago, I filled out a survey regarding the recent RPOS IX tournament. One of the questions asked, “How could this tourney be improved?”

I think one way is to have a separate page updated annually for the winners of the Final Game which can be located in the Promotions Page Labeled - Replay RPOS Hall Of Fame. So everyone can know your name.

Replay should start it with RPOS X and go forward from there. Sorry, @Galak , @BlackWidow and @morcosborcos you’ll each have to try to win it again.

Another question suggested offering a trophy badge or something similar but I’d rather see something like an original quote from the winner. An example, I have in mind would be something like:

Year RPOS# Winner Name Memorable Quote
2022 RPOS X Smooth99 “I always bluff, in fact I may be bluffing now!”
2023 RPOS XI ???

A couple of good quotes have been:

Trust everyone but always cut the cards.” ~ Benny Binion
“Just play every hand, you can’t miss them all.” ~ Sammy Farha
“Going on tilt is not ‘mixing up your play.’” ~ Steve Badger

But, the important thing to me is to have a Hall Of Fame page updated annually.

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