Thanksgiving sit n go

these thanksgiving tournaments seems to be a good idea and fun to play, but the need modified badly. They seem to cause really bad poker play. Im playing with people who go all in regardless what cards they are playing.It doesnt matter what the outcome is, if they lose the move on to the next table and start over. Maybe a change in the ruling of play would punish sloppy card playing. Maybe a player need to place in 1 of 2 consecutive games to keep their rights to continue on, for that day. Not able to place at least once in 2 consecutive games would disqualifies one until the following day, or something along those lines. Just a suggestion .

Hi Invester

The Thanksgiving promotion was based on the number of busted out players, and yes, that gives a different way of playing. More play on luck, but it was fun for a week.

ReplayPoker will end the year 2013 spectacular, offering promotions the whole month of December. Promotions with leaderboards, extra freerolls, it will be an exiting month for all players.

Also there will be another SnG promotion this month and this one is based on winning and on skills. Serious play:) Keep an eye on the promotion page, all will be described there this month.

I assure you, the month December will be an exiting month for the members of ReplayPoker, with chances of winning a bunch of free chips.

Good luck and have fun everyone. Happiness.