Chip history over time

if it’s possible it would be cool to see a graph of how much chips you have over time… not just for a month but going back from when you started the account… could be updated once a day or once a month, whatever works

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Not graph but useful

Now that our maintenance is over and issues have been resolved, we’ve had time to talk suggestions again! This is a good one. We really want to revamp statistics as a whole and have all sorts of interesting facts about your play habits, and knowing that graphs or other similar visuals would be helpful is good to know. Thanks for letting us know what you’d like to see!

Sooo…you see all of the interesting things about us,eh? Well you have probably noticed that i jump around alot and don’t play very long on here. In case you are wondering why,the tables have no bells and whistles to get people excited and it is hard to fins chatty people here.;-( I play other sites and at least they have a few things available to make the game and time spent at their site enjoyable.Here i’m sad to say it is like playing against a bot or playing solitare. I like the site but sure wish they would give us the option to show a great fold or to show one card to keep your opponent guessing if the person had it or bluffed…just my opinion but i know others feel the same :wink:

This is very good to know! We want to improve the player experience at the table in a lot of ways, but I’d be interested in hearing what sorts of bells and whistles you’d like to see. A lot of people have requested emoticons, but did you have anything else in mind?

Emojes would be great to have. I sometimes play at a site called Kingspoker and the players there can purchase “drinks” flowers,ect for themselves or other players.It can be a ice breaker to new friendships and player chat at the tables,plus spending your chips on these items also could induce players to purchase more chips :P.Think it is worth a discussion at the big table!

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The emotes at the other site are pretty kool you should maybe check it out …