Chip Buyer Leaderboard!

I think there should be a leaderboard for the people who buy the most chips.
It would be good to give credits to the people who support the site we all play on.

People who support the site should be rewarded by being able to find games more easily, and I believe I’m not alone in saying that I would love to play games with the people who bought chips and help pay for keeping the lights on.


I’m with you, really appreciate all that have put money in to keeping this site running.
Sadly, I’m not one of them, but I’ve had a lotta fun playing for free for over 7 years.
I’d be at the very bottom of this leaderboard.

I doubt the folks that buy chips want to have a leaderboard of largest buyers of chips to support the site LOL. I agree with your statement though and their reward is probably hearing your thanks

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You can always buy chips yourself to keep the site free and running

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Very well said @Craig_Anthony & @diraf you may have already played with those who are keeping the lights on, if so your wish has come true lol

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This feels like a complete waste of a wish! The first wish should be wishing for more wishes and then being less wishy washy wasting with things we know already true. Shots fired at myself and not you my friend! Lots of players are buying chips. I’d wish to meet and play with fun & friendly players like yourself. Fun & friendly players significantly support the site IMO.

Every day is a dream come true, green grass under our feet or the felt real or animated online - as long as poker survives or thrives we are all living the dream. Not just RP but all poker is a delicate ecosystem where the creators AKA authorities and game runners are playing “God” running the mini game of life we love so much - poker.

GL at the tables @Litenin and thanks for being a positive player on & off the felt!

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I think you are mostly joking, making this suggestion and trying to needle the players :upside_down_face: that buy chips!

I very much doubt RP or the chips buyers will feel a positive benefit from this suggestion being implemented. As @Litenin said: “I doubt the folks that buy chips want to have a leaderboard of largest buyers of chips to support the site LOL.” Agreed! I think most chip buyers would dislike this suggestion, with all due respect @diraf.

They are already “rewarded” with FREE chips in exchange for $$$! Most players regularly buying chips are here to have fun and gamble! These players are not stupid, and understand they are losing, and don’t need an extra incentive or “thanks” for buying chips as a reward.

I think a lot of players, including myself, would like to know who does and doesn’t buy chips! Does it really matter tho? The mystery & unknown is part of what makes playing on a FREE poker site fun & interesting IMO!

I feel you’re being a bit condescending here with that statement. Stay positive!

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