Well deserved chips!

playing everydayinstead of 2500 chips it should progressivly go up everyday500 more chips so you enter into different levels of play . Instead of low level stakes?

I think we definitely should make the daily bonus more fun and rewarding. The 2,500 chips each day gets a bit boring after a while.

But I’m not sure increasing by 500 a day would be such a great idea. There are players who have the bonus every day for months. After just two months, the 500 would become 30K a day, which would be very generous!

Still perhaps we can get a discuss going about ways to liven up the bonus…


How about, once the 2500 daily threshold is reached, make it +500 every 3rd day, if you still play every day… for example…?

What about making the reward based on played hands? The problem is that it doesnt matter for new players if they get 2.5k or 50k when they log in if they aren’t gonna play serious poker… Just logging in go all in and leave if you lose, but with my idea players who try playing seriously would be rewarded with extra chips. If player would play like 50 or 100 hands he would get extra 500 or 1k? It would counter rake pretty heavily, but rake don’t even work very well in play chips imo :). Just a suggestion :).

Interesting ideas, keep 'em coming…