hello, I purchased $4million chips for $150 several hours ago, and they have not shown up in my account. The money has been deducted from my account to yours, and I would like to begin playing. Thank you in advance for your quick response to this matter.

I contact with the staff immediately.

Hi BurninMoney,

We had an issue with a delay on the payment of chips yesterday on ReplayPoker.

The situation has been normalized and all your chips have been deposited. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience this delay has caused you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any issues.

Hello, I was wondering if you would Please restore my chatting privileges. I promise I will behave! Thanks, Burnin

I am senior moderator on replay,you have 18+ actions of moderation… At this time i vote to keep you muted forever…best regards spgodog

It sounds to me until he seeks professional help with anger management issues he should not be able to view his actions verbally.

Please reconsider… I respect & understand replays position on “Trash Talk”. I only wish to be given ONE more chance, I don’t have “Anger Issues” (lol)…I was just being belligerent, and I am truly Sorry for that. If I do it again, then you can just kick me off your site. But if you look, you will see that I do spend a lot of money supporting Replay Poker, and very much enjoy playing. i have become very fond of playing on the “Medium Stakes” table with the regulars, and will not risk being banned forever. I just want to be able to chat while I play, if I am not able to do so, then I’m inclined no longer continue to play.

Thanks in advance for your consideration, Burnin (Kent King)

I share this with the team, let you know how they responded.

Thank You!

One note for BurninMoney.

It does not matter to me whether or not a player buys chips For me all players are equal. That will be never a reason for voting for unmute you. But the part were you wrote you like the site and want to play and chat normal and asked for a last chance was better. I will only choose to unmute if you really understand and can follow the chatrules and it will be your very last chance.

That means not use profanity and not harass other players. No insulting other players. (very important)

Abusive, foul, threatenbing or otherwise inappropriate chat will not be tollerated.

But i wanted to let you know that it will be no difference (for me) if you buy chips or not.

Liike marci said, we discus it with the team.

Thanks Happiness, I wasn’t trying to make it sound like that. I was just bringing it to your attention that I am a supporter of the site, and do not have a problem with purchasing chips to play. As I have seen from some of the players comments, that they find it silly for me to purchase my chips, rather than play with only those that are free.

Please help me out, I assure you that I will “only be Pleasant” to play with, and if I should have any issues with another player, I will report…rather than react!

I only was trying to insinuate that it would be inclined not to play simply because I can not communicate with players who compliment my game, or wish to have a friendly conversation with me. I have realized, and understand from some of the players comments, that because I am unable to respond to them, that they might feel that I am rude, ect. Thanks again to all who review, and hopefully lift the “Banned” restriction. Burnin

Please Marcipan, Happiness, RustyAA…let me chat…Please!!!

Not that my vote counts, but I think he should be reinstated. After all it is players like burning that keep this site going without rendering ads or worse… adware/spyware in the software.

I think we can all relate to wanting one more chance in something at some point in our lives right? =)

Thanks h7y…I have played on several other sites over the years, and they are a joke. Replay is a top notch site. They have there stuff together, and I thoroughly enjoy playing here. There are some really good, polite players at the table in which I play (Xstream, rvm, dmurry, to name a few. I just want the opportunity to mingle again when I play!

Well apparently this site doesn’t wish to work with me…Not even a definite yes or no? I have expressed my sincere feeling about this site. And although some may feel that players like me, who spend the money I do is not important, probably have no monetary gain in the desiccation making. I would truly love to buy another 4million in chips right now and play, but there will be no more spending money here if I don’t have an answer today. Please reconsider, and lets keep it fun!

Regretfully, Burnin

Please, I want to remind you that I’m truly grateful that you did not kick me off completely. And that you chose to just not allow me to chat while I continue to play.

I have reviewed the senior moderators comment about the amount of times there has been some notice/actions. I think 18+ is a stretch, but thats beside the point. The point is that you have given me many chances…but one thing is puzzling to me. I noticed that one of the comments that I received was while I was muted (July, 2012). It was something along the line of having another site, and although I did originally start with the profile name “Axman”, I have played under no other profile as implicated. The only connection that I can think of is when my nephew who is 16 was visiting in July, I allowed him to purchase chips from my account to play on his own profile that he set up on his laptop.

Please, I wanna play!!!

What are you talking about? Who is axman??? Please stop harrasing me or I will report you.

Your comment coming back to bite you. I will not waste any more time with you.


How do you figure this is harassment??? Did you not identify yourself as senior moderator??? What will come back to bite me…what does that mean??? I had no idea I was dealing with a incompetent. I am wealthy, successful, and good looking. You on the other hand…well the picture of yourself says it all, even without your empty response to my question. Good luck with your issues, I wish you the well.