More Play chips needed with chip refuel

I keep gettin dealt impossible hands to lay down and lose every hand …Need more chips like 5000 chips with chip refuel

what they need is a bad beat award or jackpot bonus for bad beats only problem is would be giving it out about every hand. but i know how u feel Gapeach

2500 plenty

Just encourage people to come and play, have played sites for many years and this one is great. Most of the negatives are things that will resolve as more players join, including the ‘chip problem?’ (btw every site i’ve been on gives the same amount). The more players, the better the gaming experience… So have fun, hope to see you at the tables winning chips, and tell people about RP, 'cos I don’t believe there is a better structured free poker site than this one at the moment. And, no… I don’t have anything to do with management, or anything like that, but the more people that join, the better for all of us. Win, win…

Win, win,win,win, oops, stuck. lol. Take Care, see you there?

Thanks ucket for your kind words of support! We definitely want to attract more players to make it more fun experience for everyone, so please spread the word and we’ll do our best to continue improving the site, day by day. :slight_smile:

No probs Paul, thanks for the site.

We are fortunate to have this site and I feel they give plenty away if you work the program right. And I see when ever there is a problem it’s fixed quick, you can see they all care about the players being happy. That’s important of course keeping players happy thats what makes this site! But sometimes the people that make this site work deserves a big Thakyou and theres one from me.

And a big thank you from me also And a great big thank you to Happiness my go to Mod,

Happiness and Marcipan both diserve big Thank Yous for what they do on this site there always “johnnie on the spot” for fixing peoples problems. It’s nice to see when people are out to help others in todays times, and they have no hidden agenda!

Adding more free chips only accelerate the bingo players, the chips would loose the value, the infrastructure of RP would collapse in no time.

RP really give plenty of chips away, and work hard to keep it in balance.