Had to watch my chips leave

I just finished playing in the Open Happiness tournament. I was in second place and had over 55,000 chips. I was moved to another table and that was it for me. I saw no cards, my name was in gray. I left the table and came back and it was the same. I rebooted my computer and it was the same thing. Was tough to sit at table and just watch my chips leave me. Any idea what could have happened?

Hand #80266604, this tour, the thread emailed to the staff, hopefuly thay read it next week.

Hi, rickmiska5,

I’m sorry to hear that, probably what happened was that when you got rebalanced some internal error occurred and your connection was not added to the server, so it was our problem, not your machine. This morning we rolled out a new update of the software that fixes some of the bugs that we have, and we’ll keep working on it in the weeks to come.

Thanks for understanding, Péricles Dias

Thank you very much

I’ve refunded your 5000 chip buy-in for that tourney rickmiska5. Sorry about that!

Wasn’t really necessary to refund chips. I know glitches happen sometimes. I love your poker site. But thank you very much

Cheers rickmiska5!