Chip Count

When you are playing at the table, you can click on someone who is playing at the table and see there picture, stakes, invite as friend or send them a message. It would be cool if you can see how many chips the have in there account under there stakes. I know you can go to there main profile to see but it would be easier and faster just to see it when your at the tables.

The space on the “mini profile” is very limited , perhaps change of the stake to the chip count. One problem with this tho… Some player dont like the whole deal of show the chip count at all.

So, maybe better this way at it is.

Thanks for the suggestion, but as Marcipan says we’d prefer to keep the mini profile really clean, and as you mentioned you can still find out their chip count from their profile page. Perhaps we could add their rank though, then you’ll get an idea how much of a high roller they are?

I like how it now shows the rank of the player now much better then the chip count idea, now it gives you a better idea of what kinda of player you are up against.

On the main profile you can see the total chip amount and the ranking. If you want to take a quick look you can click on the seat for the mini profile, you see the ranking of that player. Was good idea:)

how can i see my overall win/loss as far as chips total ?

You can check your bank page, click on “Get chips”

thanks-i actually just found it under(activity)- wanted to see overall, where i stood, all the pluses and minuses, for each


Only ring games there for now. check the new site too.

Yeah it’s the activity page here: