Turning off the free chips feature, 'n' more

Hey Replay Poker Staff! Three feature requests for your consideration…

  1. I’ve reached a point of where I’ve acquired enough chips to now play at the medium stakes tables. It’s taken a while, but I’m there (whether it’s skill or luck that got me there, well, time will tell). I’d like to see if I can maintain and grow my bankroll on the merits of my playing abilities, so this FR is for a preference to enable/disable free chips. For me, it would provide a more realistic experience, as no one gives me free cash to play at a casino. It’s all about the bankroll you have and how you grow it (or lose it – which is what the enable part of the preference is all about) :smile:

  2. There used to be a bar graph that displayed the amounts won & lost. I don’t see that graph anywhere now. Could this be brought back or, if it’s just me not knowing where to look, make it more obvious, such as in the Stats window?

  3. Finally… this may just be me, but I’d actually like to see subtotals of the amount of free chips I’ve received vs. the amount I’ve won. And if the amount of winnings are substantial enough, be able to give back (simply subtract) the free chips from my bankroll.

Thanks for your consideration,

Uncle Frank

Thanks for the feedback UncleFrank! Always appreciated :slight_smile:

Okay, so in response to your three comments:;

  1. Great idea and makes a lot of sense, for those that want to know how they’re performing based purely on their play. So, one idea is we could should you a report, that for a specified time period, show a breakdown of where the chips came from (ie. bonuses, ring games, tournaments etc). That way you could get to keep your bonuses, but still have a way to see how you’re playing. Do you think that would be preferable? Or would you also want the option to just turn off ALL bonuses (inc. daily bonus, referral bonuses, award bonuses etc?)

  2. You can still get the graph! There are two tabs under the Ring Game Activity section of the dashboard, simply click the tab that says “Profit/Loss”, as shown here:

  1. Sounds like we’re thinking along the same lines, as I talked about in 1) above. Agreed we should break this down to make it easier to see, and we plan to do just that in the coming 12 months - as we greatly extend the statistical side of Replay. The idea of paying back your free chips is also an interesting one, I wonder how many players would be willing to do that!
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for what it’s worth, I’m very happy to be getting free chips everyday :slight_smile:

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No to “free” chips flood. Free chips mean no poker.
( You can use this in your daily Quotes) GV

In a similar vein, when providing players with their ranking, it should be more than just their chip stack. I recently bought some chips, and my ranking improved immensely. I suggest rankings be calculated AFTER deducting all free chips (daily and awards) AND purchased chips. That way one knows exactly the standing of their opponents. BTW mine new ranking would be abysmal, in the negative numbers, but would be accurate.

RP work on that right now.

100% agreed ChonklitChips, are plan for the future is to move away from ranking based on chip count to a ‘smart’ ranking system based on your performance against other players, regardless of how many chips you have.

I kinda like the idea to.

I agree, moving away from chip count to more performance base rankings would be way cool.

Replay’s revenue is based on selling chips. Buying chips increases rank. Why would Replay discourage buying chips and rank?

I always think someone with over $9 million in chips bought them.

Did you read up the previous comments?