How many tournaments did I win?

Is there a page that will show the total number of tournaments I’ve won and lost?
I’d like to know once in a while and seems like a good idea to me.
It takes a lot of time and effort to scroll for miles down and count them on the activities page.

I’m just lazy, I guess. :yawning_face:


Supposedly there is a Chrome App that will do that for you but I never could get it to work. There is a Toplists category which clearly is/was keeping track so it shoudn’t be a heavy lift to do it for everyone, especially since I can see how many flops I’ve taking from the small blind.

However, when I click on my chips and then all transactions I get a graph of my chips total MTT played, and In the Money finishes and percentage, net chips won in MTTs and total chips spent signing up for MTTs. However, I don’t think it has data before mid 2021 (same timeframe as all the past results for leaderboards and leagues became unavailable)

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I don’t use Chrome anymore.
I remember seeing a graph when I first started but can’t find it now.
And when I click chips and all transactions, it just shows another long list that just keeps scrolling downward. :roll_eyes:
I give up before ever getting to the end.

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The graph shows up at the top, above that list of transactions. Of course that might be from that chrome app I mentioned and not part of the replay site.

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