CHANGE your random dealing further than just three hands before your NEW DECK

you really need to have your random schuffle as in live poker. Your schuffles are every three hands randomly. live poker is much more than that. I get tired of losing pocket Q’s K’s and A’s to flushes or other pocket pairs in your shuffles when it doesn’t happen that way in real poker. change your shuffling program.

Often i wonder what players think about what is fair dealing.

If there were 3 hearts on table, next hand the hearts can not be on table? If there were two Ks on table, next hand the Ks are not in the game? If a player had flush, next hand flush should not be possible? If you lost 5 hands it is your turn to win a hand? If you lost with AA twice, next time you should win with AA? If you got low cards for 5 times in a row, you should get faces? If you not ended in paid top of tourneys for 10 times it is your turn to win in a tourney? If you won no chips for 2 days, you only lost, it is your turn to win chips?

That would be fair?

Isnt it that every game starts new? Every hand in ring games and every hand in a tournament?

Isnt it that the hands start with all cards from 2 to Aas and 4 different kinds? And that all cards can appear again? That is poker for me.

Just my thoughts as poker player.

I do understand that KK’s or AA’s do not guarantee a winning hand. I also know that poker sites on the internet uses one of three or four randon selection types common online. though i don’t know which one replay uses i’ve noticed most of the complaints are normally about the number of flushes and straights that appear that doesn’t seem to even closely resemble a live poker game. I do know you and know that replay is as good as it gets. sometimes i’m sure as you know, players need to let out their frustrations. this is my way of letting mine out. Do you know though, which random selection they’re using and do they ever try switching to any other selection at any time? thanks happiness for your response.

Hi indy

That is something i really not know, all i know is that the dealing was tested, the certificate shows down at the page, click on GA or use this link.

So for me i know the dealing is fair. Also i played on other sites, now for play chips i only play here, but for small real money still play on other sites sometimes.

I see the same flops, same hands and same surprises. But i agree less str8s and less flushes. But also i see less flops for real money, less turns and less rivers there. Less players in the hand and when the hands smells to a flush or str8 after a bet or re-raise, often players fold. So i see less hands which won and i play less hands and fold more hands.

Also there are stats, how much chance on 3 hearts or 2 hearts on table, how much chance on 2 pair on table after the turn, how much chance AA against 24. And so on. But i not believe you can play on stats. especially not with play chips and stats are about played hands, how you know your hand belongs to the winning % or the losing %?

You know with what hands players call an all in with play chips. When you have AA and some one else has a good feeling about 2 4 suited and calls, you can lose from str8 or flush. Or AK against A7 and the 7 hits. And that can be very frustrating. And it is frustrating when you play a couple of tourneys and you lose with good hands and you have no luck at all. A part luck you need also in the game:)…and i admit i can be frustrated too, when i hit nothing, or when i get nothing, or when i lose with good hands every time…

I still think that the unpredictable makes the game poker so exciting.

It is my opinion as player, im not a prof, and started play poker 6 years ago and played only once live (online is much easier ), i saw it on tv a couple of times and saw Phil Laak playing, i not know how the dealing works exacty, but because it was tested and i compare with other sites i believe it is fair.

However i’ll ask Paul about the dealing switching.

Greetings Happiness.

I have been wondering about your random number generator. My son is a computer engineering student at OSU…he says I am nuts. BUT, I say if the last hand had 4 2’s showing, and the next hand you have a 2, don’t fold as 1 or two more will show up in the community cards. Seems like this happen frequently. Same thing if you just saw a full house, etc. Clumps of cards seem to persist into the next hand. My wife notices this with the second next hand, btw. Comments?