Excessivly Repetitive Card Dealing assures victory to only one lucky player

A deck change or deck shuffle should be issued after 20 hands due to repeating card distribution, I pay attention to all the hands I play and noticed that the hands don’t really ever change. I won a hand today because I knew from the flop and my hand that the last card(river) was going to be a jack. I can also tell that if I stand a chance to win in the first 20 hands. which means that the guy who won 33% of his first 20 hands is most likely going to dominate the second 20 hands… There for the guy who didn’t win once in the first 20 hands doesn’t have a shot to change his odds. You say its an algorithm that assures fairness but Im tired of prolonged games because a player won’t go all in on my dominant hands. I’m not card counting by any means I can just recollect that those same cards in that same order were out there a few hands ago and alot of you have noticed that you won’t stop getting certain cards in your hand or in the flops… My last game had 3 of kind 8s every 5 hands or so… So please for the sake of fairness and game randomness please incorparate a deck change or shuffle at some point.

Been dealt same exact hole cards 2 straight hands. Couldn’t tell you how many times I was trying for an inside straight, get nothing but the first card I get dealt next hand is that card. I saw pocket A’s dealt 2 and then a couple of hands later dealer flopped 3 A’s and 1 of the guys who had just won with the pocket A’s had the 4th one. So it is mostly luck and if you are in the right seat. catch ya later, Dick420