What is the odds of this

Ok,i play my game very good,but i noticed every time i win a substantial amount of chips im deal losing hands nearly every time i sit an play,like when i approach the 600,000 chips i start on a constant losing streak til im back on low stakes,then 4-6 months later im back up again

Hands r not in the real world ( 5 player 4 when all in on 66. JJ. QQ. KK but they say fair & random ???

yes,i know this,but point being this has happened twice this year

Is it because you are playing higher stakes, which has better opponents? On average, players in a 2k/4k ring game are better than players in a 20k MTT, and those players are better than players in a Bankroll Builder or Freeroll.

As I increased my chipcount I went on losing streaks as I adjusted to different opponents and tournament styles. A tactic that works consistently in a low-stakes game may never work in higher stakes.

I was looking at some of my saved hands and I forgot about this happening
I hit a royal flush

the very next hand at the same table the same tournament and this happen a 4 of a kind was hit

other day was watching a table and this happen player hits 4 of a kind
same tournament same table 12 hands apart another 4 of a kind was hit

That’s 1 example of many my hands I fold End up great ones .the site makes it money by us buying points I would still pay if was fair & random (that’s the name of my new site FAIR & RAMDOM poker)

We should remember that replay is a business and for our unlimited free pleasure ,I just wish someone tell Greg and andy in customer services

We’re here and listening, however, we’re confident the RNG is still random. =)

Remember, you only see the hands YOU play – someone else is sitting here wondering where all the 4 of a kinds are and why they never see them. Say there’s 1000 people playing a hand at any given moment, and they refresh every 30-60 seconds. That’s at least 2000 hands per minute. Even if any ace only pops up, say, 5% of the time, that’s 100 aces per minute.

Now, math is obviously not my forte, so that doesn’t include general probability, or factoring in the size of the deck, etc. The point being, any one person only sees a very, very small fraction of the hands dealt. Randomness isn’t based on hand history, but, you know… randomness.

Think about how often a song comes up a random playlist. If you hate it, it feels like you’re skipping it /all the time/, whereas you’re probably not going to remember the generic songs that fill out the rest of the playlist – apart from your favorite hits.

when i play at the casino the club with frineds over the last 35 years that randness two weeks on this site, no 1 hour shows what load of BS you talk

In a full ring game in a casino you would play 20-35 hands per hour (the internet tells me); in a home game you would play 15-20 (my home game’s even slower).

On this site, in a 6-max game you can play 90-110 hands per hour and 55-90 in full-ring. That is 2 to 3 times the number of hands.

Plus players play looser because the chips are free. That explains the crazy hands. There have been plenty of live hands in the world series of poker where a straight flush beats quads or 4 players have pocket pairs at the same time. That’s poker.

I can play a ring game and buy-in with 200,000 chips and leave with ~350,000 after 30 minutes or less about 3/4 of the times I play. And that’s against mostly “good” players ranked in the top few thousand. I have never bought chips, and it is extremely easy to win. I don’t get the obsession with the site being rigged. I’ve started responding to all of these posts just because I’m frustrated by it.

Poker is a game of luck each hand and a game of skill in the long run. If you lose a crazy pot, well that’s poker. If you consistently lose chips then you have to play in an easier game or improve your skill.


As an aside, if you want to become a better player, try watching replays of pots that you win or lose and figure out what you could have done differently. For example, I decided not long ago to overbet more often because players like to call so much on this site, so I get paid off in the long run. More recently, I have realized that opponents are often folding to me on the river when I have a strong hand because I am betting too hard, so I have started to mix it up.

You have to think in a meta way about what your opponents could be thinking (or not thinking as if often the case). Another example, people love to limp with their big hands rather than raise preflop. But if you limp with AA you give more opponents a chance to flop a big hand, it’s impossible for you to put your opponents on a range of hands, and when you do win the pot it will often be small. Raising preflop leaves you vulnerable when players flop sets against you and makes it easier for opponents to put you on a range, but you can more easily c-bet bluff if you miss the flop and even if you take down the pot post-flop, it will be a much bigger pot. Or just watch some videos on the internet…

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no worries, same here, sometimes i have a pre pot hand AA, and next hand AA again, and after next hand AA … woooow… or KK, next hand QQ, after next hand KK again, after that JJ… or , first hand sr8 flush and 5 minutes later a Royal Flush… and after one more sr8 flush folded… i had many str8 flushes and Royal in one week, can check it in my profile, i saved them :)))


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who said i was talking when i lose and you seen to be answering a lot of questions then .your remarks sound like they are out of a book you read.

As understand it, there are big differences between real poker and all online games. Here’s one you rarely hear discussed…

There are 52! possible shuffles. That’s 52 factorial, or 1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9…x50x51x52. That’s a HUGE number.

The RNG uses a seed generated off the system clock.

There are FAR less ticks on the system clock in a day than there are possible shuffles.

Therefore, something like 2/3rds of the possible shuffles can never come up.

If you have to eliminate possible shuffles because they can never come up, why not eliminate the boring ones? For pay sites, this means bigger rakes because you get more big hand vs big hand pots. It also makes your tournaments run faster, which helps your bottom line.

It’s still fair for everyone because we are all playing the same RNG system.

NOTE: This was accurate years ago, but I haven’t looked into it lately. I’m not suggesting that this is what’s happening here, or that this idea is still valid at all. Maybe it’s changed since system clocks are so much faster now and tick way more times in a day.

While some pRNGs might use a system clock for a source, it doesn’t have enough random input. Many systems (especially Linux-based) use hardware input “noise” – typing, mouse movements, drive timing. You can check out a bit about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entropy_(computing)

There are also specialized hardware options for randomization, as well as services (such as random.org) that can assist.

Interesting, thanks for the reply. As I said, this info was dated if it ever was valid.

Either way, it’s still fair for everyone, since we all use the same system.

Just for the sake of curiosity, does this site use a Linux based hardware solution? LOL

Please don’t tell me if you would be forced to kill me for knowing.

LOL… no worries.

For those that are curious, we run Debian (Linux) on 9 bare metal servers with SoftLayer (IBM) in a datacenter in Washington DC. But actually we’ve already started planning to move our infrastructure to the cloud, either AWS (Amazon) or Google Cloud, which will really help with scaling as we continue to grow and eventually release a mobile/tablet version - hopefully next year! :smiley:

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Yes, exactly. That’s what I was saying in my last response. I repeat the same thing over and over because people are always ranting and raving about the site when they could learn why those hands are happening from reading about poker for 5 minutes (i.e., that’s just free chip online poker).

joe i,v justed finnish a tournament came six but a long time before i got out i lost a hand i had 3K and a Ace high flush and still lost i am not ranting and raving as put it . have u played live for money that would never happen its not free chip poker who pays my old mates greg and andy who pays for the site to keep it up and running ??? .the RNG cartifitate lssued by gaming associates is not something backs by a govrening bodyand they dissclaimer is a get out of jail free

I will say this once again
online poker should be no different than a real game
you still playing with 52 cards still playing with same amount of opponents at a table anywhere from 9 seated to heads up
poker is poker odds are odds and probabilities are probabilities

people say reason you see more bad beats online is because you play more hands vs live this is true but I don’t buy into that
you play faster because you have less time to think about what you want to do vs a real game
don’t have to wait for the dealer to shuffle the cards vs a real game
don’t have to wait for player to stack their newly won chips vs a real game
dealer does not have to wait and check see if BB and SB posted their blinds/anties from other players vs real game