Replay needs to consider the way the do yearly championships. I recently particapted in week long hi/lo and royal tournys. First the hi/lo I thought was a good idea average for 15 tournys, but it was for best 15 tournys. So some played 15…some played 60 more. A big disadvantage to those that work or have a life away from the computer . Now I am retired and its winter time so I had more time to play but not 24/ 7 like a lot did. Now to the royal tourney. I play more royal then hi/lo so I was interested in proving myself there more then hi/lo. This turned into a " who can stay on line the longest and play the most tables at one time". In doing so they did not play as much as they were waiting others out to get 3rd or better for points. After the first couple of days I had good start on knockouts. So I started playing more and playing more aggressive. I had a lot of LUCK…I was bullying a lot and relying on luck to keep me in the lead and it worked. There were players playing 5 or 6 tables at one time. It all came down to who could stay on line the longest. A lot of good royal players were not recognized because they could not stay on line all time playing.
Solution: During a 12 month period, set up championship entry tourneys every 2 weeks different times, allowing everyone only 10 entries. That would make 26 opportunities to get in 10 qualifying entries. Where You would take the average of their points and knockouts. This would mean a lot better style of play and All of the best to have a chance. The 6 man tournys no one cared really if the got knocked out , they would just jump back in another and nothing lost. But if you had only one 100 man qualifying tourney going on every 2 weeks at a time more people would play a better quality of game. Knowing that what ever happens in that tourney counts on your avg. and as 1 out of your 10 chances. I finished 2nd in knockouts but wonder how I would have done if I knew I only had 10 chances and I know that under this system I suggested that a lot of the top money winners in both catagories would not have been there.

I do not think Royal is for a good poker game. It is for luck. My least favorite game.

Royal is a good game. Go to Royal table and you can get good game. No you can not play bingo and be successful. Pocket aces don’t mean a thing. There is a different strategy and you need patience to see flop. Players that understand this really enjoy the game. There were 1265 players in tourney and a lot of players that did not get in. So there is an interest in the game. I personally think hi/lo is more of a luck and bingo game then Royal.