The New FL in Royal ,,Just Is not working

A few weeks ago you changed half the Royal tournaments to FL, with the attentions of helping with the bingo players.
I played in a few, and they all are a total failure, It just prolongs the “bingo type” players and it makes it unbearable to
play. All the tournaments should go back to NL , like it used to be, Since royal is the only tournament style with all low entry fees, some really need to be raised like the Omaha 10k,20k,50k,250k tournaments would weed out that "bingo’ type player.

Most of the regular Royal tournament players that I spoke to feel the same way, It really is not working, and I wont play another, it is really that unenjoyable to play. also please change the 12:30am tournament back to the 12:45am … all the other tournaments throughout the day are on the :45 of the hour and this one was as well until recently, and a lot of people are missing it due to this unnecessary change

Less than half of royal tourneys are fixed limit. I quite like it, it works well with the way royal should be played. Just don’t play against the “bingo” players until you have it (the nuts,) they’ll get busted out. If they don’t get busted out, they’ll be easy pickings once it gets closer to the bubble, if your stack is deep enough.

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Thank you both for your thoughts on this! As you mentioned, we changed some up based on feedback from many players about bingo players because we don’t currently have a Mixed Limit format for Royal games and all the games at the time were No Limit. ML Royal is something we plan on adding. I’m passing along the feedback about this to the team, and we’re also taking comments about the overall schedule into account as well.

Why do some poker players here want tournaments changed to suit a particular style of play, largely only so they can “improve” their ranking? A large part of being able to call yourself a good poker player is being able to adjust your game to the “rules” of a particular table game or tourney. If you don’t like the rules (all of them), DON’T play the game. That is not to say that some feedback on change is not good, but a lot of the comments I see across all boards have nothing to do with a the particulars of a game or tourney, but rather are little more than passive-aggressive attempts to change games to suit their preferences. You don’t go to a basketball game and bring a baseball to play with.

Zman, Using the rules to one’s advantage is one thing, using the rules to cover the fact that you’re intentionally being a douche is a different matter. Some ppl also don’t want anything changed cause they can’t adapt as you say, or like to be in the power posistion…the “haves and the have nots” will always clash… its why the 1%, want to keep the 99% subserviant and docile…

I agree with swampghost. The FL format is not working at all and is making the game much less enjoyable. It hasn’t solved the problem of bingo players, it has only made the game much worse for everyone.
Please change them back to NL until another more suitable format is created.

Honestly since the FL’s got put in the schedule for royal the “bingo-ing” has lessened on the NL side and is worse and worse anytime I happen to hop in the FL games. Now whether or not that’ll change if FL’s were to be taken away who knows but at most 2 or 3 FL’s/day is more than enough.

a limit on the pre flop bets would slow them down enough that maybe they would realize that everyone is getting those pretty face cards. The problem I was not enjoying was that the limits were so restrictive on ensuing bets. once I would hang in there and get through their over the top continual raises I would get my hand and only be able to bet 120. you can’t scare them away and use the chips as you should be able to. impossible to hang with them and catch up when they slow down when you can only throw 60 or 120 chips in their face

We reduced the amount of FL Royal MTTs and we’re now at 3 out of 11 being FL. How’s the Royal community feeling about this? Is there a particular time you’d still prefer the FL switched to NL? Developing a Mixed Limit format for Royal is still on the agenda. :slight_smile:

thank you, I think that the reduce number and the times work pretty well with the 3, thanks for reducing them, would love to see some high stakes royals, a lot of the regulars have over 5 mil, and believe that 7500 entry as the highest isn’t enough, plus if there are 50k 20k entry that would pretty much eliminate all bingo players, mixed limit does sound decent as well, thanks for the time in helping our small royal group, theres about 50 of us regulars and growing, we all enjoy playing royal and just hanging out in the tournys…

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Just wanted to let you know that we’ll be looking into testing out higher entry levels as we evaluate how to improve the poker room. Thank you again for the suggestion! Always good to hear what the Royal community is interested in.

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