More royal tournaments

Why is there so few royal multi-table tournaments??? It would be nice it there were more.

Hi imlovenit2

ReplayPoker has players from over the whole world, many timezones,that why Replay tries to offer 24 hours a day attractive tournaments.

On the peak hours we run more tournaments per hour, but we have to be carefull with that. Playing a Multi Table Tournament with many entries is for a lot of players very attractive.

At the moment we run 5 daily Royal tournaments a day and we have 1 per 4 weeks a Royal freeroll on Wednesday.

At the moment there is no space for another daily Royal tournament, but maybe we can plan a special Royal tournament for 1 - 3 times a week soon. The site is growing and ReplayPoker get more and more tournament players.

However we also have the Sit & Go tournaments. There are Royal Sit & Go tournaments also. I know not many players find the Sit & Go page, but you can invite friends / other players to join you there.

Thanks for your feedback, for Replay it is important to hear what the players likes to play and their opinion.

Greetings Happiness.