Replay Poker Cup

First of all, understand I’m not whining, crying, or complaining. I’m here to offer what i hope you see as constructive criticism.

50 Seat final? Really? That’s a glorified sit n spin. 'Nuff said on that.

The leaderboard format favors those who can play 4, 5, or more tournies a day, it doesn’t favor the best players. One could literally register for them all, fold nearly every hand, and get tournament points every time. You would finish in the top half every time, “earn” at least 6,000 points, and with 8 tournies a day and 7 days, end up with at least 340,000 points… probably enough to qualify.

Some of us don’t have that much time to invest.

If I was in charge (and I probably should be :P) the top 5 from each tourney would win a final round ticket… period. This would make a field of 280 players, and they would be the best of the best. (Actually, some would try to win multiple tickets, so the field would probably be closer to 200-230 players)

I would also throw something else into the pot… colored chat. Make it so the final tourney final table all gets a special forum tag and types in blue text in regular chat. Let the winner type in purple and have a “2016 Champion” tag for the forum. Easy enough to set up, and a little extra something to work towards. Yeah, it’s also a little goofy, but remember, you’re talking to a guy who named his turtle Fluffy.

Anyway, I am having fun playing the series. Thanks for the opportunity, and thanks for the chance to share my ideas.

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I had the same problem with the Replay Poker Cup tourney, but i’m glad someone else voiced his opinion as well. Some people have work / school and are just not able to play as many tourneys.
My system would probably be 3-4 tourneys a day with the final table in each tourney all getting a ticket to the final round. I’m actually pretty sure that you would have more people playing with this system because in my case i missed the first day of tourneys, knew that i would only be able to play ~2 every day after that, and just decided not to bother because the prize pool in the “satelites” (because that’s basically what they are) are not big enough if you’re just competing for chips, and there was no way that i was going to get top 50 after missing the first day and not being able to play every single tourney after that.

I agree, usually I don’t even read the rules of special cups because I know I’ll never be able to qualify given I usually play 1 or 2 hours a day on average. And if I really have to put that much time and effort into poker I’d rather do it on a real money site.

For promotions Replay Poker uses different kind of leaderboards, for example: best x played tournaments, most won chips, most tournament points, most busts outs, and a few more…We have fixed promotions and special promotions.

And indeed for ending up high in this promotion you must play very regularly, but…when you can not play for ranking on the leaderboard you still have the advantage of 30K extra added to the prize pool instead of the usual 10K.

The next special promotion will be different again.

i totally agree . i won 2 of the tourneys and im not even in the top 10.

I’m sure it will I’m just not in the target :slight_smile:

I understand that you want to reward players spending time on RP, I’m just saying you’re excluding good players that simply don’t have the luxury to play that much.

I’d rather play 10NL to 100NL on a real money site then spend a lot of time trying to win that cup. It’s not a critic it’s just how it is :wink:

All the promotions have failed to excite me so far. These promotions in general favors players with more chips n its almost always like u said quantity over quality.

I understand RP’s POV that they need ppl to play more but there should be at least a few promotions once in a while that will reflect the best players in the standings. I mean these bust the stuff, omaha hilo these are just circus that cant be taken seriously. Same goes for this tourney like u pointed out - we need to play round the clock.

Without criticising more I’d just like RP to make at least 1 out of every 5 promotions that would test ppl’s skill n show that in the standings. That is all. Then they can keep their bust the stuff, hi lo mania, threeway fights with 500 chips as much as they want I dont care. Just put some serious promotions once in a while that is all.

Yes, and I’m not suggesting that you do away with the other types of promotions. I’m suggesting that you add a promotion for your top players, who are, after all, your most loyal customers. Not one of the comments on this thread disagrees. Note also that many of your top players didn’t even bother with this promotion.

No offense intended, but adding an additional 20K to the prize pool (which gets divided among the top 40 finishers) is utterly meaningless to the best players. I see this as a loss of focus more than anything: you want this promotion to appeal to everyone.

I would like to see a promotion focused exclusively on the best of the best instead of those with the most free time. For example…

Have 4 “Big Dog” tournies per day. The top 3 from each would get a ticket to a monthly “Dog Fight,” and if you make the final table in one of those, you get a ticket to the yearly “Top Dog Championship.”

People who play real poker always have “the dream” in the back of their heads. The dream is to one day make it to the big time and win the WSOP Main Event. THAT’s what keeps them playing. The casinos run many smaller events aimed at less experienced players in order to nurture the dream.

The only way to win a championship is to be good, and the only way to get good is to practice… a lot. A series as outlined above benefits Replay by giving your less experienced players a dream. They would play more in the hopes of one day being good enough to compete with the best the site has to offer.

By the way, you wouldn’t have to name this series after dogs. You could name it after turtles, geese, food items, cars, or whatever your little hearts desire. But PLEASE consider adding some promotions aimed at your best, most loyal customers.


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I am unsure how you determine eligibility but I do have suggestions:

Deep Stack tournaments undoubtedly clear out most marginal players. That should be one criteria for creating “The Best of the Best”. I think it has to be fairly expensive, to further weed out marginal players; make the buy in serious. I would not have 4 a day; in the beginning I would have one a week. Let the excitement rise over the week. I would make the game for Sundays at 3PM Eastern. This time allows most times zones fairly convenient entry times. I would allow a half hour period to be the entry time and that should start at 2:30PM Eastern. I would allow one rebuy.

I’d like to hear other ideas.

I would determine eligibility by letting anyone in one end and watching the best come out of the other end. That was the reason for the qualifier tournies. By only letting the final table advance, it wouldn’t matter how many or how few of the qualifiers you play.

I like the deep stack, 9 seat, long-ish level format, and agree it’s ideally suited to the better players.

As far as expensive… we don’t agree there. I would make it fairly cheap, say 5K - 10K or so in order to open the field to as many players as possible, After all, some new players are good, but haven’t been playing here long enough to have acquired a massive bank.

I suggested 4 a day to accommodate those with varying work schedules and in different time zones.

So we agree that deep stack is the way to go. We disagree on one part that I can now see as being reasonable, that is, 4 tournaments a day with a weekly championship game. I’m on board. We are two for two.

The other item that I feel eliminates top players more than it welcomes top players, is the buy-in, 5K and 10K. That to me is a deal breaker.

In the top hundred players there are many incredibly talented, indeed, great players. They have bankrolls in the 100s of Millions. They will not be attracted to 5k and 10k buy-ins. Indeed, even among the players who have 20M, many will play but just as many will not play.

So the answer may be, for us to agree that we have four different buy-in levels, say 10k, 40k, 100k, and 200k and allow them to rotate each day. If you agree with that or some variation, then all we have to do now is get ownership, staff, and a hundred or two hundred players to all agree.

It’s a deal, just like that! Shuffle up and deal!!!

Point taken.

How about 3 or 4 divisions? Let’s say, bronze, silver, gold, as a starting point, with buyins of 10K, 50K, and 200K.

The final table in each divisional qualifier all get tickets to their respective weekly “championship,” and the outright winner of each divisional qualifier also gets a ticket to one of the next higher division’s qualifiers.

Then get all of the weekly champs to meet at the end of the year in a no-holds-barred, ego stroking poker slugfest for the bragging rights of the entire known universe of Replay Poker.

Maybe MrReplay could buy the winner a car or something. OK, a bicycle. Skateboard? Some nice socks? :stuck_out_tongue:

Skateboard for the winner, sports cars for the tournament designers.

meh the buy in must be big … what a garbage idea … keep living in a small pond …

ummmm , sounds good to me, but I dont think I could play that many games at once, its a great site probable will happen lets wait and see, and dont forget this is harley and I am having a beer . LOL.

I would like to see a week long tournament where you play several different types of poker. Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Royal, 5 Card Draw and 7 Card Stud for example. Schedule six games of one variety every day (3 six seat & 3 nine seat) for the first six days and one game of each on the seventh day. Day one = 6 Hold’em , Day two =6 Omaha… etc.Points are awarded as now with one difference. Players can play as many games as they like for a share of chips but ONLY their results in the first two games of each daily type qualify for tournament points. This should give players who can’t play 10/12 hours every day a fairer chance. Buy-in of about 2k per game with half as game payout and half as tournament top-up.

Maybe the top 3 finishers could get a gold/silver/bronze medal by their name. Possibly even a bubble for fourth…

I like this idea. You crack me up sun.

I totally agree. I am just a beginner, but had the luxury of being at home this week so I managed to play most games. I did win one tourney, but my final position of 16th is not fair to those better than me (and there are many great players). The other problem is slow play to run down the clock.

First of all, Welcome… I have a feeling you’re gonna be a positive addition to this site…

Two Points:

#1- You did well in a tournament because you’re good enough to do that…

#2- Killing the clock is, and should remain, a valid tournament strategy…
If they didn’t want it that way they would factor out the clock - it ain’t that hard to do…