Royal tourney

I don’t understand why only ROYAL tourney has a chip start of 1000? LOL That’s just ridiculous and a waste! So what happens is EVERY tourney some1 goes ALL IN basically from hand 1 till final hand! It’s a waste of time and not really even poker because ur already playing w/basically a quarter of the deck and now every1 is going all in every hand too? JOKE!!

Thanks for your feedback!

Indeed, most of the daily Royal tournaments start with 1000 tournament chips, will see if we can adjust the structure of some of them.

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That’s actually a really good idea. 1,000 chips is not enough to start with because royal games tend to be full of players who don’t understand the rules/strategy and think “Ace Ten is a great hand, I’m going all-in.”

Royal has more variance than regular hold’em (and more than most other poker variants I think), so bingo players are even more annoying. Having a deeper stack would make this less of a problem.


Great thx. Yeah it’s true a lot of ppl don’t understand ROYAL but it’s also understandable if u lose a couple hundred chips early people r gonna just go all in. And 90% of time it’s pre-flop. So it’s basically a coin toss in Royal cuz theres only 5 diff cards! Thx again and please if u guys can bump it to at least 2,500 :smile:

The structure of the Royal Heaven (12:20 ET) is changed, now 2500 start chips and the Grand Royale (7.45 ET) now 2000 start chips.

Good luck:)

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GREAT! Now it’ll b a pleasure to play!

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I just checked next 2 ROYAL tourneys they r both 1500. Please bump it to 2500. You see the thing with royal is because your only playing w/5 cards 75-90% of players stay in every hand because theirs a good chance you’ll hit something.So u FLY through chips so i think 2,500 chips is fair.y

For the moment we keep the others how they are, some players like to start with more chips and others with less chips, later when we start with a new daily schedule we will review all tournaments.

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I still don’t understand why ROYAL tournies starting chips aren’t bumped up to AT LEAST 2,000 this game since you’re only playing w/about 38% of deck people r going all in at a neck breaking pace. Honestly due 2 fact almost every hand in ROYAL is at least a straight players will tend 2 bet 2x or more than an average hold’em table.

Hey I sent message about how Royal tourneys start with low chip count n some1 from staff said they’d change it. I requested that Royal tourneys have a started chip amount of 2,000 or 2,500 due to fact that w/low chips ALOT of people go all in early and all in close to 50% of hands making it a BINGO game and very unsatisfying game to play. The fact your only playing w/about 36% of deck most ppl who r short stacked go all in almost every hand.

ya hear?

Soon there will be a new daily tournament schedule online (hope in 1 or 2 weeks), There will be more Royal tournaments, with different buy-ins and with different structures.