FL Royal Tourneys

I couldn’t find the original thread about these tourneys, I think it’s been closed.

I know there was a suggestion from Royal players to add the ML format to Royal tourneys in order to limit the bingo play. This suggestion was met by changing the format of at least 4 daily Royal tourneys to FL (Royal Party, Grand Royal, Go for Royal, and Royal Fire), and a promise to add the ML format at a later date.

Unfortunately, the FL format doesn’t seem to be working great, and many Royal players, including myself, are not happy with it and always complaining about these tourneys.

Looking at the tournaments lobby, there are no FL tourneys other than the Royal ones. This format for Royal is not attractive at all. It is not limiting the bingo play as bingo players are making the constant raising their new tactic. However, it’s limiting the options to bet, when someone has a royal flush for example and is unable to make big pot sized bets.

I know quite a few Royal players who would only sign up to FL tourneys if they’re really bored, but rather not play FL at all. And unfortunately 3 consecutive Royal tournaments are FL (Royal Party, Grand Royal, and Go for Royal), making it difficult for Royal players who don’t like FL to play a tourney for at least 8 hours in a row.

Please if there is a chance to switch those tourneys back to NL, or make them ML, that would be great. I know I speak for quite a few regular Royal players, and would love to see others giving their feedback about this too.


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Dear Maya,
I totally agree with you, and would strongly recommend to return back our NL Royal tournaments.
If somebody from RP is reading our suggestions, please take an action and change FL tourneys into NL.
Thanks in advance,

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I also agree, I play about 1000 Royal tourneys a year, and feel the FL format just makes a mess out of a great game, As stated by Maya , this format doesn’t help bingo play style, in a way it makes the game for the rest of the table unenjoyable, the constant raising on ever turn, with 2 bingo players on same table, it drags out those type of player and without the option to make larger bets when your hand is good to knock them out of tourney and calling any hand is just suicide with all the raises. Even with aces you have to call but if the dealer doesn’t deal another ace your wipe out of chips. would like to see it switch back to nl , or atleast ml would make it better.

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Thanks for the feedback!

As mentioned, we changed these after quite a few folks who regularly play Royal complained about bingo players, but if the same people are frustrated by FL, there’s not much of a reason to keep them. We still aren’t able to switch to ML Royal at this time (we have to finish our poker server project first), so we’ll swap them back to NLs. We’ll likely do that one tournament at a time, so keep an eye out for that soon.

We also plan to change Royal entry amounts to align with ticket values, and we’re looking at changing our 1k event (Royal Gambit) to a rebuy.


Great news! Thanks so much @fizzymint. :heart_eyes:

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Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and comments. We’ve been considering updates to the Royal schedule and buy-ins since we rolled out new tournaments, and your comments are very helpful. The proposed new schedule includes a minor change in time, buy-ins that correlate to ticket values and a couple of name changes. We plan to make the updates effective April 1. In the meantime, the limit on all Royal games will be No Limit starting tomorrow!

We appreciate your suggestions and feedback!


Hi All,

We have just completed renaming and rescheduling the Royal game line ups as shown below. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Your feedback is appreciated!

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Looks great, thanks @wordy1

This is amazing! The new schedules, the newly added tourneys, reverting back to NL from FL, the new higher buy-ins, being able to use tickets now for some tourneys, and the really fun re-buy Royal tourneys, they’re just fantastic! I can speak on behalf of other Royal players and myself when I say we’re very happy with the new changes. I hope others will also give their feedback but from our chats during the games I can say we’re very pleased. I personally was getting bored of playing Royal before the changes, but now I can’t get enough :slight_smile:
It’s like Replay is now Royal Poker Heaven :grin:
Thanks Replay!